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hello, umm… im trying to request, but the form isnt loading at all.
it says it got deleted because i read it already.
could you please send the link or smth?


i’m having trouble seeing your example Idk why @viciouscupcake


is this thread open for requests? I was looking to get a gif crackship done


hi you never accepted or denied?


shoot shoot shoot hihihi omg i totally abbandoned this ahhh i’m so sorry if ya’ll still want your requests hit me up through pm i’m so sorry omg ahhh



title: God is A Woman

subtitle: Solo Graphics Thread

all text: (Any spelling errors, please fix)

link names: Examples, Forms, and Payment

ideas: I was thinking the thread could be something like this but with Ariana Grande all over, pink, white, tan, and black colours. Or something like this with lines, squares, shapes and designs; maybe with Ariana Grande’s png somewhere.

photos/inspo: N/A

subthreads: YES

anything else: Favorite food is pizza, too!


hey hey heyyyy totally trying this! merry Christmas man!


Merry Christmas to you, too!


Are you still open?


Also, Happy Holidays!




I clicked on the forms and they won’t appear for me


hihih! gimme a sec to fix that!


@viciouscupcake The forms aren’t working


I tried filling in a form, but it said there was an error and it could not be pulled up. Do you just want me write what my request is or try to get as close as I can to your form by looking at what others wrote?


@blackout_sword @_Stars-Aligned @PellinorLover2314 hi! i do believe I have fixed the forms! thank you for your patience!


(lmao i sound like a genie whatever)
also please DO NOT click the self destruct button
thing man that’s just plain harsh

premade form


title of the premade: Rebel Of The Stars

change the title to: Revolution

subtitle: Legend: Origins (Also can I get “It’s in her blood…” as another subtitle?)

author: Angel Durham

link names: ONLY IF THREAD


text: (ONLY IF THREAD) hastebin/pastebin link please

subthreads: (ONLY IF THREAD) yes/no and if yes do you want banners too or simple html will suffice?

anything else: FILL OUT HERE


Also, would you be willing to do a series? There are 5 books so far (they don’t have different titles for each, but I am thinking on changing that)


oh shoot hi! that is not actually available as a premade anymore my bad i’ll change that. you could always try requesting? i could always try a series! i’m so sorry


Can you do one somewhat similar at all? I mainly wanted it because of the single snowflake, it fit with the MC, Eleanor, she has a thing called an Original bound to her.

Or you could have silver chains and frost creeping up on the cover with a single snowflake falling down, that would also be good

Also, I am not seeing any cover form