Playing with Ad Sizes - Feel free to join the test

Been meaning to do this the entire beta test time but kept forgetting :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: So now I’m going to play with a few ad sizes to see how they look on the new clubs. I’ll add the dimensions in case maybe the sizes will help others with their future designs. Mine are just going to be as basic as they get for the purpose of this test and of course no actual links :laughing: This post is also open to anyone who wants to play with their own sizes and see how they might look on the new clubs. Might as well make full use of the beta and see what is and isn’t going to work now.

Super Duper Large using what I believe is the max height allowed on here 690x1000:



Yikes that is ungodly big! Okay let’s try this one… 690x800


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Another 690x500



So the whole thing is an image. I mean I viewed and saw it was.

Is that what we’re going to do?

I mean when coding isn’t going to be an option.

Is it a regular image tag? I mean can there be alt text or description?

Honestly, I haven’t played with any of that so I can’t really say for sure. Basic html to create a link on here does work so my intention was to do that with my ads, but that’s also how I’ve always done so at least for me it won’t be any change from the previous clubs to these.

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This one is 690x300.


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Hey, @Prisim you happen to know what size Wattpad banners are?

I know the book cover images are 500x800 usually.

You mean the header banners on the profiles?

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Yeah. I probably have made one. I’m just wondering if there are ‘standard’ sizes for various Wattpad media.

Also, are your images getting like clipped a bit on the right? On my display it looks like they are, unless I press to view the image.

Could you do a screen cap for me? Right now on my end they look fine. I’m going to try different widths next so that might help, just messing with heights right now.

As for the profile banner. Based off the one I have it looks like they’re 1920x600 however the bottom portion always gets cut off. Always. And they get darkened when uploaded too.

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This one is 690x150


On the right, it looks like the text is cut off. When I view image, I can see the full image and it’s got a bit of a margin around the text. So it’s only there for me in the forum window.

Based off height I think my sweet spot is 690x500 with full blurb. 690x150 would be good for a quick log line type ad.

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Yup for you it’s definitely cut off! I’m going to switch over to the clubs theme as maybe that’s whats causing it. Maybe the max width is less for those. Dark theme all of mine at 690 width look fine.

Yup it’s definitely the clubs theme. As soon as I switched my images were cut off for me too. Good to know.

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I liked your 690 x 500 and 690 x 300, but I think it’s the side-by-side layout I find easy to look at as well as the size.

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Yeah the other ones with the cover on the top just looked too awkward. Granted if I spent more time on it I probably could rectify that, but it still left for some awkward spacing that needs to be accounted for by something.

Here’s mine:

Dimensions are 800 x 1200.


Also, for me, 690x150 had text that was a bit small to read without changing my display or maybe viewing the image alone.


Yeah thats why it would work best with a short one or two line hook, full blurb was just too much text for such a small space.

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