Hi Hi! I’m bored and just listening to songs on Spotify.
And I figured I should share my good taste in music lol I’m kidding. But I just want to give this a try in making playlist for other people.

Please fill out the form. You can ask for as many as you’d like.

extra info (mood of songs, main characters’ tastes):

what do they do in your story?(things that you’d like the song to reflect on):
extra info:

name of first character:
description of first character:
name of second character:
description of second character:
what is their relationship like?:
what do they do in your story? (things that you’d like the song to reflect on)
extra info:

Any Wattpader Teens??

name: koda
description: cocky, playful, confident, uses humour to deflect topics he doesn’t wna’ talk about, outgoing, sensual, genuinely cares for people
what do they do in your story?: teases the main character, does some inkywinky things with him (eventually forms an unrequited love), wants to protect the main character with all his might, silent caring, a guy with sharp insticts & sharp eyes, attractive & alluring-- so have some sexayyy songs, some heartbreaking songs, anything you deem fit :ok_hand:
extra info: will you deliver the songs in the form of a list? cause i’m too broke to use spotify fml


Haha yes will deliver in a form of a list


do i wanna know- Arctic Monkeys
under the pressure- The Score
desire- Jeremy Zucker
feels great- Cheat Codes
bruises- Lewis Capaldi
back of my mind - Two Feet
my my my - Troye Sivan
wish you well - Amir Obe
born for this- The Score
not thinkin’ bout you - Ruel
love is a bitch - Two Feet
that’s alright - NF
youth- Troye Sivan


Hi, thank you for offering your services! I’d really like this for my book :slight_smile:


title: All The Things We Lost
genre: Romance


Emily and River met in Miami, where they had the best time of their lives, but it wasn’t meant to be: the next morning, Emily leaves for San Francisco, leaving both their hearts broken. They didn’t think they’d ever see each other again.

Emily goes back to the privileged life with her parents. There, a plan is set up for her to marry Jason in order to save the business of both their parents.

River remains in Miami with his little sister, while struggling to provide a living for them both. It is then that he gets the chance of a lifetime, but it means giving up everything he loves.

But against all expectations, Emily and River meet again a few months later… On her wedding day.

extra info (mood of songs, main characters’ tastes):
Emily was kidnapped and disappeared for three years, but returned just a few weeks ago and decides to go to Miami for a break, where she meets River. She’s very intelligent even though she couldn’t graduate from high school. Because of what she’s been through, she’s strong, but fearful and emotional too. She’s always been shy and has a hard time opening up to people. She comes from a privileged background and has access to everything she could wish for, but wants to break with her family and make it on her own, proving herself. She loves reading, singing and lately she’s doing kickboxing too. She loves Italian and Mexican food and hates hypocrisy and liars.
River is of American nationality, is very laid-back and has a bright personality, although he’s getting to the point where he’s stressed out because he has to work as much as he can to provide for him and his sister after his parents died in a car accident. He fears losing his sister too and keeps others close. He’s caring, curious, sweet, clumsy, outgoing and adventurous. He’s a lover of Italian food, basketball and working out. One day he wishes to open up his own restaurant, but for now he just wants to keep a job longer than a month.

If you need more info, just let me know!
And could you do it instead of Spotify in a list for me too? :sweat_smile:


I love this idea! It’s cute lol.

title: Different Worlds
genre: Romance/ Teen Fiction
summary: Since her mother’s death, Amelia West has wanted nothing more than to follow in her footsteps and attend Manchester College. When the acceptance letter finally arrives, everything else in her life seems to fall into place. Mia’s best friends will be by her side in college and her family is as happy as they can be.

Her life was planned out perfectly. Until a simple accident sends Mia’s life in a direction that she never expected.

Literally bumping into Prince Xavier Windsor of Mandosia made enough of a mess, but when Mia discovers that he and his brother are attending the same college, complicated isn’t a big enough word to cover their relationship. As Xavier tries to get closer to her, they’ll both find out if love is enough to keep two people from separate worlds together.
extra info (mood of songs, main characters’ tastes):
I’m just going to tell more of the story in depth.
Mia is a very happy and energetic character, her family who consist of her father and her little sister Ivy are so thrilled when she receives the letter for her college. Her mother passed away when she was young unfortunately. She attends college with her best friend Violet who is a very loving and caring friend but when you get to know her a bit more, she is feisty as hell and Jace who meets them at the college who is also a really weird but also funny character. One day the girls go shopping and Mia bumps into a stranger, Xavier. Xavier is a kind hearted person. Alexander is Xavier’s younger brother and helps him but they encounter conflict when all four of them argue about what happen. Especially Violet who lets our her inner demon and Alex who becomes an ass. All four of them hope they will never see each other again.
But when college arrives, Mia and Violet soon find out that the boys they have encountered aren’t just regular people. They are royal, princes who are attending their college and Xavier is interested in becoming closer to Mia. So there is a-lot of drama and tension when normal people associate themselves with royals.
Two people from two different worlds aren’t a great combination…or are they?

Songs that have been used or I am thinking to use are:
Hailee Steinfeld- Let Me Go
Taylor Swift- Love Story
Conor Maynard- Whenever
Camila Cabello- Consequences
We Three- Heaven’s Not Too Far Away

If there are any other songs that have some conflict, heartbreak, romance and are upbeat, please help! :smile:

If you need any more info, let me know!


thankyou!! :bluehearts:


jet set - Ava Max
Don’t call me up - Mabel
even if it hurts - Sam Tinnesz
the wolf and the sheep - Alec Benjamin
lonely alone - Chelsea Cutler
somebody you loved - Lewis Capaldi
trust issues - Olivia O’brien
beach house - The Chainsmokers
notice - Little Mix
dazed and confused - Ruel
change your mind - Tori Kelly
all to myself - Dan + Shay
the life - James Reid


name: Ava
description: She is a sweet country girl living in the city. She is a hopeless romantic who also loves animals. She really tries to keep things on a good note in her life and hates conflict if she can help it. She is also not afraid to defend herself if she needs to.
what do they do in your story? (things that you’d like the song to reflect on): She gets the perfect soulmate whos a robot built for her. She enjoys the time but eventually will come to realize he’s not perfect because imperfect humans can’t make perfect creations. She will fall for a real human and find out that sometimes what you want isn’t what you need.
extra info: It is a happy romance book with some drama.


big plans- Why Don’t We
walk through the fire - Zayde WØLF
dynasty - MIIA
i hate this - Tenille Arts
monster in me - Little Mix
stole your car- Charlotte Lawrence
self control - Dallask
there’s no way - Lauv
wherever you go - Jonas Blue
lotta love - Jack&Jack
you should get to know me - Jeremy Zucker
without me - Halsey


Book Playlist:

title: The Legend of the Moonflower Princess
genre: Fantasy, High Fantasy, Epic Fantasy
summary: Sahara is a young woman living in the kingdom of Dasos, a ward to the royal family and foster sister to the young prince Nashoba. While a kind and benevolent soul, she is shunned by most due to her mysterious origins and a scar that most believe to be a consequence of witchcraft. She longs to alleviate the loneliness that never seems to leave her heart, but the death of her grandmother and the monarchs of Dasos leaves her resigned to live out the rest of her life in unhappiness and solitude.
However, when Nashoba is abruptly kidnapped by shadow-like creatures and a mysterious branded woman, she throws aside her fears in a momentousness decision to follow her brother’s abductors. Suddenly thrust into an enchanting and spectacular world, Sahara must overcome her own insecurities and trust in herself and others in order to save her brother from a horrendous fate.
extra info (mood of songs, main characters’ tastes): It’s a very magical book, with quirky minor characters, evil witches and sorcerers, and a legendary sorceress

Feel free to check out my book if it sounds interesting :smile:



title: all over again
genre: romance, mystery
summary: when madeline boulevard meets nicholas reddy for the first time, she experiences flashes of memories that she’s never experienced. maddie was soon led to believe that the events could have been from a past life; a life where the two experienced a tragedy that should have never happened.
extra info (mood of songs, main characters’ tastes): hints of romance but also elements of mystery, since the lovers realize through flashbacks from their previous lives that they were killed and that the killer is still on the loose and is on the hunt to kill them again. madeline is a sweet, obedient girl who has a love for performing plays while nicholas is more arrogant, but is also very protective of madeline.

thank you :smiley:


happy - Julia Michaels
speechless - Dan + Shay
last of her kind - Alec Benjamin
sick of losing soulmates - Dodie
normal- Sasha Sloan
roses - The Chainsmokers
i love you - Alex & Sierra
hard feelings - Lorde
perfect strangers - Jonas Blue
comethru - Jeremy Zucker
boys - Charli XCX
my side of the fence - Dan + Shay
to the man that let her go - Tyler Shaw


soldiers - Fleurie
war of hearts - Ruelle
the woods - Hollow Coves
haunted - Evanescence
bloodstain- Wrabel
holy - Zolita
daniel in the den - Bastille
warriors - Imagine Dragons
eyes on fire - Blue Foundation
white flag - Bishop Briggs
breath of life - Florence and the Machine
castle - Halsey
everybody wants to rule the world - Lorde

this was a difficult playlist. Couldn’t find the right mysterious/dark songs to fit this story. I tried my best.


Thank you!!! :heart_eyes: This is amazing :blush:


ocean eyes - Billie Eilish
sweater weather - The Neighbourhood
control - Halsey
i don’t want to see you anymore - XYLØ
would i - Maggine Lindemann
kingdom fall- Claire Wyndham
bad habit - The Kooks
copycat - Billie Eilish
wicked game - Ursire Vulpine
twisted - Two Feet


Thank you!! Listening to all the songs now! x


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