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✧ playlist graphics ✧

hi, my name is fleur and i’m here to offer you some graphics for your story - specifically, playlist graphics. i don’t even know if there is any kind of demand for graphics like this but it’s kinda the only thing my untalented ass can do so here ya go. if you’re a slut for aesthetics like me, then you know a basic playlist section where you just name what songs represent your story ain’t gonna cut it. you need a whole ass graphic showing just how amazing your music taste and your story is. and if you need help coming up with that kind of aesthetic, i’m here for you. it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy. read the rules below, follow the rules below, request and ta-da, your playlist graphic will be sent over to you via a magic carpet just like that.

[ rules ]
01 | be nice! we’re both humans and we both have lives outside of wattpad. i hope you’ll respect me as much as i’ll respect you. let’s be decent human beings, shall we? rudeness will not be tolerated.
02 | be specific. don’t just tell me you want an aesthetic playlist graphic. obviously you do. everyone does. tell me what color schemes you want me to work with, what sort of icons you want me to put in the cover graphic, the things that matter in your story. i’m not you, i don’t know what is important to you or your story.
03 | i reserve the right to refuse your request for any reason at all (though i’ll try not to).
04 | i will only accept playlists with less than 20 songs. any more than that would make the graphic too cluttered.
05 | please give me a song recommendation in the anything portion of the form thank you.

[ payment ]
payment would be 2 comments on a chapter of my choosing. your comments can be as short or as long as you like. it can literally be just “lol” and that would be fine.

[ links ]
there are four important links in this thread. they’re located in the four circles under the title of this post. the first circle is a link to my examples. i will be updating it along the way as more requests (hopefully) come in. the second and third circles are links to two album of some of the playlists i can do. please look through it and and get a sense of what kind of graphic you want me to make for you and then let me know in the ideas section of the form. the second circle is a link to simple playlist graphics while the third circle is a link to minimalistic playlist graphics. the fourth circle is a link to the form.



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because i’m forgetful



minimalistic [ ] simple
playlist name:
Graffiti On His Heart (optional: The Soundtrack)
brief synopsis: (I don’t know if you mean the story or the graphic but here goes:) Graffiti On His Heart is the story of a crush, two lonely people, and several other implements, such as socialism, the act of trespassing, and an assortment of keys.
songs: (deep breath) Million Dollar Bills by Lorde, Swim by Chase Atlantic, Shivers by Aether, Written In The Stars by The Girl and The Dreamcatcher, We Were Here by LIGHTS, It’s All On U by Illenium, Lies by Jane XØ, Hollywood by DNMO, Say You Love Me by Seeb, and Wild Love by Elle King.
ideas: I love the one in your story. I like the butterfly-esque design with the artist names and songs, if you can do that. I trust your sense of aesthetics. Maybe on the right side (or above?) you could place the title, Graffiti On His Heart, and Alkippe/dystopial (I am not professional enough to use my full name). I think the title is so long and cumbersome that it doesn’t even need an accompanying icon or graphic, although the one you have is cute.
colors: Well, against my better judgement, I have one hell of a pink color scheme going on. Dark red-pink, light pink, and white are my go-tos, with a side of navy blue just for the cohesion.
mood: Pretty cute and upbeat. (Squints at my 2017 self)
anything else: I see you like Taylor Swift and Shawn Mendes. Try Baby by Clean Bandit, featuring Luis Fonsi and MARINA (formerly Marina and the Diamonds and whom I will refer to as Marina and the Diamonds until the day I die). Or perhaps Space by Ally Hills :>
Let me know if you need to know anything else! I check my notifications compulsively because I’m procrastinating three major assignments and sleep in general.

The cover & other graphics I already have:




freaking relatable as hell. Marina?



[ ] minimalistic simple
playlist name:
Aila Vex
brief synopsis: Character playlist for my dark and deceptive half demon MC
ideas: this, legit just that :joy:
colors: Black background and white/ silver text
mood: Dark and grungeyy
anything else: I Don’t Even Care About You- Missio (It’s my favorite song right now) ALSO ALSO I don’t need the playlist cover, just the actual layout of the songs :slight_smile:



[ ] minimalistic simple
playlist name:
Damien Hawthorne
brief synopsis: character playlist for the brave and reckless king of my novel
songs: plooop
ideas: The same layout as this
colors: A gold background with red text. It’s supposed to give off a “royal” vibe, so if you can try and make sure it’s a gold gold and not a yellow that would be awesome :slight_smile:
mood: Royal/highclass/king
anything else: In the Air Tonight- Natalie Taylor (An AAMAZING song) I don’t need the playlist cover, just the actual layout of the songs



[ ] minimalistic simple
playlist name:
[text goes here]
brief synopsis: character playlist for the glamorous but insecure primadonna in my novel
songs: plooop
ideas: Same as the last two!
colors: I wanted a sterling silver background and white text! No harsh colors, but maybe a darker grey so the white can pop
mood: High class and glam socialite
anything else: Judas- BANKS , ALSO I don’t need the playlist cover, just the actual layout of the songs


Omg, can I just say this whole thread is so gorgeous; I’m in tears :heart::heart:


@dystopial your request is accepted! please complete payment of 2 comments on this chapter. also, can i just check with you, do you want a cover art as well or just the songs? if you look at my example, my playlist graphic is two-page.


@Vexful your requests are accepted! please complete payment of 6 comments on this chapter. by the way, the specific layout that you requested - do you want the same font? like exact to that picture, except the colors are different?


@Nonfictionism girl pls you’re too sweet ahh


Nope, this is just too perfect :wink: (lol)


yes please! Same layout including the fonts and the style :slight_smile:


FINISHED IT! I think! I’m pretty sure I did 6 but it wouldn’t show me my comments so if I didn’t do them all let me know :joy:



[ ] minimalistic [ x ] simple
playlist name:
none feel
brief synopsis: she cant feel, she’s a poison, a darkness, and he loves it.
songs: Dark Side by Bishop Briggs, River by Bishop Briggs, Stronger by The Score, Higher by The Score, Knee Socks by Arctic Monkeys, Blackout by AViVa, Love is a Bitch by Two Feet, Crossfire by Stephen, Black by Kari Kimmel, Blood on my Name by The Brothers Bright, I Feel Like I’m Drowning by Two Feet.
ideas: maybe like 3AM Moods, I really like the look of that one and it fits my story.
colors: black, white and red.
mood: dark, toxic, suffocating.
anything else: can the background be a red and the font black and white? this is basic BUT I recommend the Expectations cover by Sarah Baska


@Nonfictionism omg i see what you did there HAHAHAH


thank you for your payment!
your graphics will be with you in a while (:


@bxrnbad sorry, you’re missing something in your form. please read through the rules again, thank you!



i tried playing with different blacks and different filters to get a grunge-y feel since that was the mood you wanted but idk if i managed to pull it off haha. also, i couldn’t find the exact font you wanted but this was the closest one i found. so sorry if this wasn’t what you had in mind! let me know if you’ll be using it or if you want any changes done.