★Playlist - What do you listen to when you write? ★

Please do not post links to your stories. You don’t have to answer all of it :smiley:

★ What do you listen to when you write?
★ What is your play list and for what type of story does it go with?
{don’t post title of your story or link}
★ If your story was turned into a Netflix movie what soundtrack would go with it?
★ What are you listening to right now?

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I’ll go first SoOooOOooOoo

When I write dramatic stories I listen to dramatic movie soundtracks
There is a story I have written about teenage royalty so if it ever was turned into a movie I would want Taylor Swift’s “Call it What you Want” What am I listening to right now “What’s Poppin” by Jack Harlow.

Been a bit obsessed with this song lately.

It’s a great one for writing about best friends.


It is beautiful!!

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I create entire playlists for my books and then listen to them while I write.


I listen to a range of things, but I tend towards sad rock when I’m writing, but it honestly depends on the character. Most of my characters have specific songs that I’ll listen to in order to get in the mood of their mindset.
A soundtrack for my book would be equally angsty songs and sad songs. :joy:
And right now I am listening to… Right Girl by The Maine.


That is a good idea - doing a play list per book

This might sound weird but … how do I say this. I know like the above writers listen to music that is similar to the book they are writing but do you listen to sad music to induce feelings?

If so … you are a genius. Classic author Robert Frost once said “No tears for the writer - no tears for the reader …” some authors like Hemingway said he writes better when emotional e.g. like going through heartbreak. I think listening to sad music now that you said it is a good idea - it may let you write with human emotion vs just putting words that fit together.

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Pretty much, yeah. :joy: But I’ve also found that if I have a somber mood, it’s easier for me to connect with my characters in the moment – whether they’re happy, sad, angry, etc. It’s easier for me to get there from a somber mood.

I had no idea Robert Frost said that, though.

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I used to just listen to random music, but saw others doing it, realized some songs I associated with my book, and bam xD

Same here! I think it’s the perfect way to delve into your book’s songs.

What sucks is I can’t share them with people because it spoils so many things T^T XD

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My playlist ranges according to the novel mood. My paranormal romance novel tends to bear a more melancholy vibe so I listened to Sigur Ros, Claude Debussy, Damien Rice, and some Coldplay songs. Along with those, I put on some historical movie soundtracks too.

But my other novel has a lighter mood: it’s a road trip, adventure romance of two young people in their quarter-life crisis which also has an escapade and dream-like atmosphere, so the playlist is pretty much divided into CHVRCHES, Grimes, Houdini, Phoenix to capture that youthfulness, but on the other hand (and on the same playlist), it’s got retro jazz music such as Ella Fitzgerald and Glenn Miller to capture the feeling of being out of this world and escapism.

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So I actually have a special playlist called “Writer’s Mode” that I turn on when I write. It’s been a thing for me since I was a teenager. For me I really look at what mood I am trying to write. Like I don’t want a break-up song playing when I am trying to write the scene when the characters are supposed to be getting together. It also depends on the characters I am writing about. I LOVE country music but right now I am writing about characters where one of them might like a good country tune but the other would hate it. I listen to a lot early 2000s Fall Out Boy here lately.
I am also obsessed with the latest Harry Styles album after Stevie Nicks called it his Rumors and I checked it out and fell in love with it. So between Harry, Fleetwood Mac, Fall Out Boy, and Country music you can tell I have a wide taste.
For a Netflix movie though I would end up using a lot of Indie music. I love how a lot of folk music sounds for a sound track and I would love to hear stuff from Shuyler Fisk, Tyler and the Tribe, Green River Ordinance, Tyler Kyte, and Alexz Johnson in a film for my book.

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i usually listen to full albums, including: vampire weekend by vampire weekend, suck it and see by arctic monkeys, nothing happens by wallows and the new abnormal by the strokes. individual songs include rylan by the national, toothpaste kisses by the maccabees, leave it in my dreams by the voidz and the dream synopsis by the last shadow puppets

Hey there! :purple_heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

:sweat_smile: I actually created character playlists on my spotify account so depending who is in my scene, who is going through development, I’ll play certain songs from each playlist lol

I am currently listening to a cover of bittersweet symphony :slight_smile:

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Depends on what I want to hear and what the scene needs
I don’t have a set playlist but some with 1D and 5SOS songs are amazing for when I need inspiration, so I can dance, play the scene and write it.
Songs from 2010 to 2019 would be there.
Kiwi is the song at the moment but I have my saved 1D playlist (149 songs only, I wasn’t the one to assemble them) on so Last First Kiss is next.


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Currently I’m listening to Saturn by Sleeping At Last while writing my characters meeting for the first time because I want it to be magical haha.

I don’t actually listen to anything when I write. I like complete silence so that I can follow the flow of my thoughts. Sometimes I need to close my eyes to imagine a specific sound, smell or feeling. But believe me, silence doesn’t affect creativity badly. Sometimes this is exactly what we need.

So my playlist would consist of silence or ordinary sounds present at night. :sweat_smile:

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