Playlists: currently on hiatus until I’m free again.

Hello, my name is Zaquira but you can call me “ z”. It’s been a while since I made playlists so I thought why make a thread where I can do that . It’s pretty chill and such but there’s rules such so yeah let me show you.

I don’t have any YouTube examples that’s why I made this thread.


  1. Be patient
  2. I accept thread hoping but not ghosting. Meaning respond when I ask questions
  3. Please give some ideas. I can’t read your mind
  4. I accept most except rated r. I’m sorry I don’t feel comfortable doing those. Of course this excludes cursing .
  5. I’m sadly only able to use YouTube at the moment.

Types of playlists I’m making

  • story
  • personal
  • more to be added cause I was lazy but I’ll do chapter, character, and ship as well.

Credit + a simple comment on any wattpad story of mine. ( same username)



How many songs? ( max 15):
Artists/songs to include:
Anything else:

How many songs? (Max 15 songs)
Genre you like:
Artists/songs to include:
Anything else:

Ex. Username/type of playlist/progress
DarklingDarling/six character playlists/payment done!

we’re open!

Hi :slight_smile: This is for a character’s playlist haha, but I figured this form fit best!

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Than just add give me a character description ( they’re personality and such)as helps. :blush: but accepted ! Complete the comment now and once I deliver the playlist you credit me

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Also change the title to the characters name. I forgot to mention :sweat:

Title: Go dance.
How many songs: I would like 7 songs and another 3 apart.
Artists: The first 6 would like them to be from BLACKPINK, BTS and T-ara and the other 3 apart I want them to be from Cazzu and Super Juniors.
Song to include: The first 7 Kill this love, Playing Wich fire, Ddu-du-ddu-du-ddu, Boy witch luv, Forever Young and Trouble Maker of T-ara and the 3 apart I would like it to be Mucha Data, Mamacita and Lo siento.
Avoid: Reggueaton.
Anything else: Kill this love, Playing Witch Fire, Forever Young and Ddu-du-ddu-du-ddu = BLACKPINK.
Boy whitch Luv = BTS.
Truble Maker = T-ara.
Cazzu = Much Data.
Super Juniors = Mamacita and Lo siento.

okay character description is below: mom type friend, darker skin, wants to help others, bakes often, wants to be a shining light onto the world, internalises her sadness
Characters name is IVORY :slight_smile:
Payment is complete!

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Thank you! I saw that you completed the comment! So I’ll deliver the tracklist as soon as I’m done ( the tracklist is to make sure you like the songs and much easier to changes with)

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All good! Take as much time as you need!

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Wait, so you want 10 or just the seven songs? :sweat_smile:also I’m guessing this is a personal one? Warning I never include the artists given to me. I like to introduce new artists…:blush: it’s just how I am. Also accepted, Complete the comment now and once I deliver the playlist you credit me

I want the 10 songs but separately 7 in one and 3 in another and well I want you to have those artists because I am going to use it to rehearse I am a dancer and I will introduce myself dancing those songs and the 3 apart are for my friend because of that I need those songs. :sob:

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Than where I am making the playlist ? :confounded: it seems you’re making itself?!? Cause you’re just giving me everything already?!?

I don’t understand … and I’m sorry i am Latin American English is not my forte :frowning_face:

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PIt’s fine! When I make a playlist, I choose the songs and such. But you have a list of songs and everything. So…Why not make it yourself?

I do not know how to do it :persevere: Believe me if I could I would hate to ask for help or favors

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So you don’t need to the credit than seeing it’s not necessary. All you need to do is comment. Also can you clean it up? Like you’re asking two separate playlists. Just separate it.