Please Add A Wattpad Dark Mode

Most other social media websites have a dark mode but Wattpad doesn’t. What’s up with that? Please do add a dark mode, it’s easier on the eyes and looks cooler in general. Then people who read before bed will be able to read Wattpad books with no trouble.

You can change the screen to black while reading books, although the whole app doesn’t change. I agree that it would be good to have a dark mode all the time - all my other apps are on dark mode.


Forums has a dark mode and I love it I wish the actual site/app did


Wattpad, please. Please.


I would love to have a dark mode. I use dark mode with YouTube. It be cool if more apps had dark mode.

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The only reason my wife doesn’t read wattpad is the lack of dark mode
That’s literally it.

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Waiting Wattpad to add a dark mode… you can install Stylish on your computer. It is a free app on the Google Play Store and it allows you to chose custom theme for any website. There are dark mode for Wattpad on it :wink:


I made one of them that’s on there LOL I didn’t feel most of the Dark modes other people built fit my needs, so I made my own. It’s not perfect (I am not a web designer LOL) but it has helped immensely. I would’ve had to leave Wattpad after the rebrand had I not made it.


I have dark mode on my kindle.

I think there is a dark mode on my app. It’s a nice touch!

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Oh, yes! I would love this. I use the dark mode for reading, but it would be awesome to have a dark mode for the entire site and app.

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si es verdad y que tambien haya modo oscuro en el inicio de wattpad en su app

si es mejor

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It makes no sense that the forums have a dark mode, but the app doesn’t!

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Download the dark mode add on for Chrome/Firefox and turn it on for the Wattpad desktop website. It’s as good as you’ll get for the time being. It helps me a lot at night. And the app having a full dark mode for free would be really nice too. I know what you mean. Having some dark at night is nice and useful for your battery (on an iPhone X and newer/newer Android) because those screens are OLED. You can turn off the pixels and save battery life on the OLED screens with a dark screen, which is nice.


Oh. My. Eyes.

I just turned on Smart Invert on my phone and I’ve got a dark mode!!!
The graphics are inverted too so some of them are freaky but this is awesome!

iPhone settings-> accessibility-> display and text -> smart invert.

I added it to my Accessibility shortcuts so I can flip the switch easily.

Accessibility-> accessibility shortcut.

Now it’s in the control center (when you swipe up from bottom edge).

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Sometimes that doesn’t work and inverts some of the images and makes them look scary, which is a real pain and a shame. :rage:

Yes. Graphics are weird but some look cooler. :sunglasses:

It doesn’t work on chrome or safari. Need to look what I can do with that.

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It’s scary in a way.

:thinking: I think there’s an equivalent for that somewhere. On Chrome.

Found it!!!
Though it works sporadically but sometimes it does and that’s better than nothing.

Settings -> control center -> customize -> add dark mode.

I noticed that it works better combined with smart invert which you’d think they’d cancel each other but they don’t.

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Yeah, it’s weird. At least we have something yeah?