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Hello, hello, hello! If you’re not new around here, you’ve probably seen me on forums before! And if you have, you probably know that I’m ALWAYS trying out writing sprints and anything I can to keep writing, but it can be hard! Some people try to write daily, but with school and extra-curriculars, that’s simply not possible for me!

So here’s what I’m proposing: We write two chapters of our story a week. Not too much, not too little, and before you know it, your story will be done! Now, I’m not saying you can ONLY write two chapters a week, but you have to write AT LEAST two a week.

I’ll be accepting 20 members! Please put down your user, the book you plan on finishing, and something you want to improve on in your writing.

So are you ready guys? Two chapters a week (or 4k words), that’s all I’m asking! We’ll start once the club is full.

On your marks, get set…



  1. Be supportive of your fellow writers! After all, we all have the same goal; to finish our stories!
  2. Try your VERY hardest to complete the objective! If for some reason you can’t, you have three by-passes to use whenever you can.
  3. Weeks will start each Sunday at 12:00 MT time.
  4. If you have any question, feel free to ask!

Committed Members:

  1. @bffhiz111
    a.) Star Bright
    b.) Would like to work on plot twists and planning ahead
  2. @breathingchemicals
    a.) Kepler-168F
    b.) Would like to work on improving her writing!
  3. @rosemaryandrue
    a.) Abomination
    b.) Would like to work on description
  4. @Multijoys
    a.) Brother Wolf
    b.) Would like to work on plot structure
  5. @LigerCat
    a.) Eternity’s Dime
    b.) Would like to work on finishing the novel
  6. @DaniiMei
    a.) Fate’s Child
    b.) Would like to work on info-dumping/explaining things
  7. @DomiSotto
    a.) Winners Don’t Have Bad Days
    b.) Would like to work on engrossing first chapters
  8. @TheBiologist13
    a.) A Lion’s Way Home
    b.) Would like to work on completing the book
  9. @Dano351
    a.) Mystic I
    b.) would like to work on character building, and my storytelling capabilities in general
  10. @blushings
    a.) Beneath the Grey
    b.) would like to improve on planning/ planning ahead and descriptions/ better vocabulary
  11. @qualeshia3
    a.) Lux and Lan
    b.) would like to work on messy tenses and grammar mistakes
  12. @CamilloCabello
    Camille Bolap
    Dear, Emma
  13. @Allison_Hei
    a.) Midnight Black
    b.) would like to improve overall & work on plotting
  14. @TimidlyFierce
    a.) Living off the Demon’s Blood
    b.) would like to work on relating with other writer and getting motivation
  15. @alexan629
    a.) White Rabbit
    b.) would like to work on moving forward
  16. @ClovieKay
    a.) King of Ascension
    b.) Working on: World building/character arcs/description of environment/ Basically everything.
  17. @_itz_shifana
    a.) Book: The Sluts Guide To High School
    b.) Would like to work on my character’s.
  18. @bunnisangel
    a.) Chosen By Dawn
    b.) would like to work on writing, not editing
  19. @writtenward
    a.) A Vampires World, At Night
    b.) would like to work on character development and writing context that hooks the reader
  20. @espressoenthusiast
    a.) The Light in Your Eyes
    b.) would like to work on moving forward in her story

Feel free to check out ANY of these stories. After all, if you guys are gonna be working so hard on them, a little support would probably be appreciated.


I don’t usually go for these things, but I’ve been lacking motivation, so I’ll give it a try. I’m stuck on a potentially slow chapter, where all my other characters have more to do than my Mc.


First member?

Sure, lol.

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I’m trying to finish a full novel this month, which means I’ve got to do four chapters a week - so why not?

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Okay! Please tell me the title of your story and what you want to improve on! :smiley:

would love to join!

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Member #2, welcome, welcome!

Great! Sorry if this wasn’t clear, but please say the title of your story and what ya wanna work on!

Kepler-168F, and improving my writing :slight_smile:

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Right, my story’s called Abomination. I guess one of the things I want to work on is description, because the last novel I did was in first person and so I let myself slack a bit on that front. This is in third-person again, so time to get back on the wagon :sweat_smile:

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Wow, ambitious. Two chapters a week, hmm.

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hey, I’ve seen you around before! You interested?

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My story is Brother Wolf. This time around my plot is a bit more convolute, so working out plot structure is my focus for this book.

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waves I agree, Ive seen you around before :slight_smile:
Ahaha, I don’t think I could manage! Ill be averaging about 2 chapter a week since im starting my nanowrimo early, but my chapters are generally 3k or over

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3k is long!

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Mine are 2-3k usually. Even if I start off with 1500 words per chapter, they tend to get longer as the book progresses.


At the pace I’ve set myself, I’ve got to do 10k a week for four chapters…

Good thing I’m not posting until I finish and polish the whole thing?

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four chapters? Man, that’s a lot!