Please help me choose between Fantasy Covers.

I made a request for a cover, and I had a few submissions. There are three covers that I’m torn between using but I’m not sure which one to use. (Two of them are the same cover but with a minor change.) Please help me figure it out by voting for your favorite!

My story is a Dark Fantasy set a mythical world with magical creatures. The two magical beings that the story focuses on are witches and werewolves.

Cover 1: image

Cover 2: image

Cover 3: image

  • Cover 1
  • Cover 2
  • Cover 3

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Cover 3! The brighter colors make it pop on the screen an the girls cloak gives the impression it’s a fantasy story

Definitely 3rd one… the font is more clear and it gives a mysterious vibe.

Cover 1 & 2 : the font isn’t clear and so isn’t the background.

It is much more likely that I’d click on a book cover 3 than the first two.
In the first, I didn’t notice the wolves at first, the hooded character diverted me.
The second is a bit better, but when I saw third, that was it. My favorite.

No doubt the 3rd one

3 looks absolutely stunning. No doubt 3.

You should use the third cover it helps make readers want to read your story it also gives that mystery feeling.