please spare some fakes x

when life gives you lemons
my examples
hello my lovely people of wattpad! i’m elli or eli or the king of the damned! and here will be my little, weird thread where i will be asking ya’ll to grant me some f a k e s. these are fake requests which are used to make premades, yes those! and they’re good for practice without the pressure of actually making a graphic for someone who NEEDS it, graphic types vary and all of them are accepted since this is just a desprate cry for some attention, there are no rules what so ever, maybe some notes down there!
coded by byefromhell

graphic type:
main text:
Other text:*
want to be tagged when i'm done?:
'inspo' means other graphics that you think will inspire me to make your graphic :)
#post, #post

hi im open is the text too small

not to be like this but josh keaton singing you’re welcome…

What’s up I’m not 100% of what you’re looking for haha

i just want people to make up requests so i can make premades, idk how explain

like editing requests?

like for graphics u see around the mdc

i’ll help you out baby boo :sparkling_heart:

Graphic type: Simple cover
Main text: Rich Kids
Other text: Jane Doe
Ideas: Just a typical rich-kid novel cover. Throw in a girl/guy wearing designer dresses/coats and you’ll have it. Oh, and don’t forget the fancy cursive fonts
Pictures: 1, 2, 3
Inspo: Go on ‘rich’ section, credits to rubyruins
Mood: Rich, debauchery, golden dresses, silver flashing lights, glitter

thanks so much x

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Okay uhh can you maybe make a character aesthetic
Main text: Maya Nguyen
Other text: I swing both ways.
Ideas: She’s a half vietnamese, half british college student, has a bit of an addiction to photography, is pretty short, and she’s bisexual. She studies biology. She also has a huge weakness for christmas and holiday things.
Pictures: 1 2 3 4 5 6
Inspo: everything that has to do with bi aesthetic, photography, biology, and holiday celebrations
mood: fierce but tiny, proud of who she is, colourful, bright

thanks for the request ^.^

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Yaa for your premade ones

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Fake request! I might use it if I like!

MAIN TEXT: Thank You For Reading
OTHER TEXT:* Vote. Comment. Share
IDEAS: Gif type.
PICTURES: any aesthetic picture.
INSPO: I don’t really know.
MOOD: dark, red-ish
OTHER: thank you!

do u got like, more ideas?

Not really.

i’ll see what i can do

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