Poetry and Ethnic Influence

Does anyone else have similar issues? I’m wanting my poetry to be a French/Spanish fusion, with some Arabic and Electro-pop elements.

Just to give an idea on the stresses involved in researching ethnic music, compare:


It’s so subtle, the European elements, it’s hard to (pun intended) pick it out for all the Arabicness.

But in French, it’s like it is it’s own thing in a way. Was France just spared from Arab conquest in the middle ages.

“The torment of Arab conquest?”


Keep in mind I am referring to the middle ages. France was not always an empire, that was purely a Napoleonic thing and after.

It’s important to really know context before pointing fingers.

I’m not going to censor history to protect people’s (very modern) feelings, and erase history. If you’re finding a political correctness an issue in what I say, please go play your political game elsewhere.

There is nothing “politically incorrect” about pointing historical facts.

Unless I’m misreading what you’re saying.

It’s like people into that shit will eat their own fellow LGBT people sometimes.

Don’t haul out the PC thing, because I’m bloodywell not.

Spain got more from the Arabs, in terms of tolerance, mathematics, architecture, etc. than it gave. The Jews flourished at the time.

Sounds as if you’d prefer the aftermath, that triumph of European religious culture, The Inquisition.