Poetry game?


There were tons of these on the old threads and I kind of miss them here. This one is one that goes like this:

A topic is given by someone, then the next person posting writes something about it and gives a topic of their own. Have fun, everyone ^^

The first topic:



Pink and white
Those were the colors of my childhood’s memory

Tasted like a rose,
The flavor of it told a story

Everything was simple like a dream
Happiness was simply found in an ice cream.

Next topic:


Wishes are made everyday
Wishes are all magical
Because there is hope
Wishes are made everyday

Wishes are made everyday,
Whether thy’re happy or sad
Whether they help you or not
Wishes are made everyday

Next topic:



People are made of flesh
Muscles and bones

While I was made of emotions
Too fragile

Just like a soft biscuit
It would break once you touch it

Those are my emotions

Next topic:

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What a word they say
How magical could it be
Love, I wonder if I’m missing out
Is it like a dream?
Will I feel as if free in the sky?
Will I be able to smile like never before?

They say you’re magical
I wonder if someone like me
Too rooted in the cruel reality
Could feel you
Would it be like another dream,
Before I wake up wishing I never did?

Next topic:


I still have that recurring dream where I’m drowning in a tumultuous blue water.
I reached out to you but you were so lost in your red sea you couldn’t hear me.
I woke up crying in the middle of the night, and I wondered if you were up crying, too?

Next topic:

The rose now withers
Its petals fall to grass.
The thorns now slither
In the wet dirt as it wets
With the rain dropping.

Sunday morning wet
Droplet falling downward…
Willow tree sways.

Next Topic:

Each drum beat
that filled her headphones
slowly stripped away
the outside world
until it was only
her and the music.

Next Topic :

I think someone is crying up there,
The raindrops are covering up the blue.
I think someone is sighing up there,
Quite the vigorous gale just blew.

I think someone is smiling up there,
The sunshine is gently peeking through.
I think someone is laughing up there,
The sky is returning to its hue.

Next Topic:
Windows (can go literal or metaphorical)


I couldn’t cry,
so i gazed at the sky
as it cried for me.

I couldn’t flee
so I gazed at the birds
as they flied freely.

I couldn’t hold it, I couldn’t be
so I gazed at the skyline
as it held the mountains gently.

I couldn’t help but wonder
why can’t I be the same?

Why is my fantasy
an escape from my reality
when the only distance
separating both is
a glass wall of blasphemy?

-a window between what’s real
and what we like to believe.

this is probably the worst thing i’ve written
anyways the next topic is


Abuse is a disease.
They are closer to you than you think.
Once exhaled, there’s no turning back.
Your words are deadly, you chose to do that.

That’s all I got. Here’s the next topic:

The Color Red

6/10. It sent a good message. But I didn’t see exactly how everything fit.

Red… Hm.

For you, red is anger
Red is everything bad
Red is the negative to
A positive blue

For me, it is comfort
It’s resistance and strength
For me, it’s not a color
For me, it’s a passion.

Next topic- Gardens


As you walk through the mud-filled landscape
you realize that the flowers you loved are missing
gone with the wind that brought you hopes

oh, it lies forgotten,
a creeper trampled beneath your feet
like how your aspirations were once crushed

a realm with no colors;
a barren life with no dreams;
despair grows upon you
like the weeds in your garden.

Topic: Silence

I lived my whole life in silence,
dying to stutter a word.

I lived my whole life in silence,
wondering what’s wrong
with my voice.

I lived my whole life in silence,
because at some points
you kept on hushing me

until I believed
I had no voice at all.

this is from my book as i’m too lazy to come up with something lol. Next topic is:


Couldn’t come up with something right now so im also just stealing from my poetry collection :slight_smile:

Nurture a child an he may grow to blossom
Demand from him and he may wither.
To love is the only way. To love is the
Only truth.

Leave him to his own doing and you may find
Him growing into a lush blooming flower.
Else his skin will harden and thorns will grow
In queer places.

Such is the way of nature from where it comes I
Do not know. The Tao will be nurtured.

Next topic Darkness

I am looking around to be faced with darkness
Sensing my way with my hands
Yet I don’t seem to sense a thing
No voice
No sound
No light
I’m surrounded by darkness
I don’t know which way is up or down
Trying to stand
But where to go
What to say
What can I do in this void

I close my useless eyes and let my body float
There is no use in struggling
My end is near

Next topic: separated

In the end we’re all just islands drifting in a vast ocean.
There seem to be no end to it.
Disconnection and aloness arise.
The great casms shifts an leaves room for nothing but exclusion.
Our reliance on social media has made us more connected to the world.
Yet we’ve never been so alone.
The great pretense begins and mankind becomes separated

Next topic Stars and space

When you wish upon a star
They say it will come true
But what if something’s up there
Watching over me and you?
Could it be an alien
Or spaceman saying hey
What if he’s granting wishes
Throughout the milky way?
So next time when your wishing
And telling him your dream
Keep an eye out for my spaceman
Hidden in the stars bright gleam.

Next prompt - The tower

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The Tower

glistening above the sea
stands a tower
with weathered rocks
and a crumbling foundation.

topic: paper