Poetry game?


The power to blur between fantasy and reality
To be able to turn my woes into glee
To make a grown man weep and calm babies into sleep
An outlet for you and me whether it’s cheery or deep
Coming in every shape and form,
Following the writ rules and pushing the norm
The power to grant invincibility for a few minutes
Because in music, there are no limits

Topic - Gaming


Weekend spent amongst the cushions
Eyes locked on and pushing buttons
Hoards of zombies coming for me
Better check my inventory.
One full shot gun, two sharp knives
Not far from a save point but I’m out of lives.
Pic my heels up and get to running
'Coz I’m out of amo but they just keep coming

Topic- Burdens


Aching and quaking
Breaking and shaking
What is it with these tasks I’m taking?!
Letting myself be crushed and worn
by silent burdens, hushed, unwarned.
Probabilities and favors scorned.
I’m well aware that life is tough,
And we all go through similar stuff.
But burdens – don’t I have enough?!

Next topic – a pencil sketch


i dont quite understand this one xD but i’ll give it a try.

Scribbles on a page, they’re but a thimble of imagination.
The loss of control gives in to the wonders of creativity.
The very touch of the pen against paper, fills me with joy.
Tales of pure wonder.

Next topic: Dogs of war


This seems pretty dead,sadly. Hmm… let me have a try at this one. ( War pigs will not stop playing in my mind lol)

death and destruction
Money’s corruption
eyes that don’t see will cause no interruption
Count out your gold
were you never told
the end of the barrel and the grave are both cold.

Topic- school days


No takers?

Topic - foot prints.


The boy is walking down the street
His shoes are dirty look at his feet
All wet and muddy kind of bloody
He misses a step or maybe two
One look at him, he’s such a fool
Enough of running
Sick of stunting
Expensive kicks
It was a hit

Now he shoots them to sky
Not feeling free, just high
So with the feet on flames
He bursts in a straight line
Forget the shame, he still got time
The skin corrodes the lame asphalt
It’s a sin, some people halt

The boy disappears and leaves a trail
And people get it

It’s time to bail.

Next: sneeze


It is mildly pleasing
To hear one sneezing
But not as flattering
With spit and snot splattering

It is an endless plight
To sneeze just right
And to keep up the tradition
Of “Bless you” or “Gesundheit”

Topic- Spine




Thanks. I used Google too lol.


Urban Dictionary: gazuntite


German origin. Means “good health to you”. Commonly said to someone whom has sneazed.


I will do my own topic which was - Spine.

You have no back bone
Yet a shiver runs right up your spine.
Your book’s is broken,
Where you read it all the time.
It can even be quite chilling
By a look that someone gave
And sometimes it’s a sign
That someone walked across your grave.

Topic. DEATH


Mysterious darkness

I yearn for your silence
But fear your eternity
Give me your guidence
For I know alternity

Topic: snowstorm


Frosted covered chimney tops
Noses pressed to warmly lit toy shops
Coats done up with scarfs wrapped tight
Open fires burning bright.
People huddle to keep warm
And rush inside, away from the snowstorm.

Topic : Space


I need space.
Didn’t think you would shove my face
in the mirror.
this home is just a place
I frequent.
All the horror
you tucked under my skin
is a kin to what I do myself.
If I can do that alone,
I don’t need nobody else.
I need space.

next topic: family


A family that feels like a bunch of strangers.
Each one wants to drive away,
each one wants to reach the stars.
But how will they shine?
when darkness is their sweet sweet home.
Their words are carved inside my head.
F-reak show that I wished wasn’t part of.
A-nd yet every night I find my skin covered in blue.
M-y fault, my mistake, however I try I’m just a fake.
I-t’s all in my head, they said, but every second I feel like everything is always on stake.
Let them decide while you smile, and beg your heart not to break.
Y-eah they say they love us,
but how can they,
when they only taught us how to hate.
They are family,
but it feels like they’re close strangers.

Next topic: Night


There’s a desk and a chair.
I sit down and just stare.

There’s this sun out there.
I don’t like it and I don’t care.

There’s one thing in my head.
I can’t hide it, but I won’t share.

There’s this moon and this bed.
I sit down and just stare.

There’s this huge thing my chest.
It is night so I do my best.

There’s this girl that sits and lucubrate
Spreading thoughts rather than hate.
Her rhymes are lame is such a shame
But she likes to kiss yet there’re no lips
A piece of paper will do the bliss.

Here’s my paper
Be no hater
I fight and I write
Addicted with this kind of life
Dived in this bittersweet night.

Next: Throne


Prismatic colors dance before
the eyes of those who gaze
at the long forgotten throne,
in a grand castle, worn with the days.

It now sits abandoned,
but the stories it could tell
of peace in country and mind.

A long-forgotten monarch,
trying to leave a strong mark
on a kingdom they left behind.

They tell their sad tale
in song and in rhyme
as the castle crumbles;
a kingdom lost in time.

Next topic: Jungle.


The sound of the night, dances with life. During the day, it continues it ways. Weather’s change, with pouring rain. A mist of trails you must follow through. The jungle awaits you, of treasures to be explored. It will leave you with nature’s greatest designs, you’d be wanting more.

Topic: Wild Flower


Nobody wanted me,
Nobody watered me,
Nobody was there to see me bloom.
Nobody planted me,
Nobody potted me,
Nobody will cry on my doom.

Aren’t I pretty,
Like your rose garden?
Don’t I smell, as lovely as them?
Shouldn’t my beauty,
Ask for a pardon?
Couldn’t I live as royally as them?

But still I smile,
Day and night.
Even if I’m not your child.
Live a long while,
Or may be I die tonight.
For I am the flower wild.

Next topic- videogames


It’s all a video game.
For those who got no brain.

Put it on, we shall find.
Who’s the winner of the night.

So, we jump, and we cross.
We fight not caring about our loss.

It’s here, it’s there.
It might be everywhere.

Push me around, make me scream.
It’s all a video game.

Don’t stop till you win.
Don’t speak of your sins.

Let’s play all night.
Let’s break each’s heart.

Because it’s just a video game.
No one cares who’s to blame.

Next topic: First love.