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4 girls cheated on, 4 girls dead

4 guys who cheated, 4 filled with regret

1 stared at her casket, 1 sobbed at her grave, 1 grieved in his home, and 1 made a memorial for his beloved.

4 girls were stuck in a cave and crushed by the cave. No one heard their cries, no one saw their pain.

The girls smile happily in heaven while the boys live a living hell.

4 laid to rest. 4 dead inside.

1 by suicide, 1 by cancer, 1 overdosed, and 1 whose life was taken.

All were gone until a tiny little one was left.


that would sound really good with Melanie Martinez style(or generally creepy) keyboard music playing in the background




I just posted this but:

I know you’re somewhere in there
Somewhere deep down
Because I knew who you were
Before you turned into this clown
Using girls for their body parts
Calling them a work of art
And then turning around
To destroy them
I thought I knew who you were
But I guess not




I actually wrote a poem about writing poems awhile back.

The memories that often haunt me
I turn them into poetry
My pen retracing every step we took
Transforming darkness into beauty

I carefully hide all your vicious crimes
In the rhythm of each thought-out line
I won’t let them hold me back anymore
I’d rather turn those moments into rhymes

Your brutal words held me for ransom
But now I weave them into stanzas
And piece my broken heart together
Watching your memory dissipate
Like a phantom


Power Within

She’s got something,
Very promising,
Don’t be close-minded,
For you must see for yourself.

You believe,
She’ll be relieved,
But don’t think
She’ll be bowing to a boy,
Being rendered a toy,
You’ll be bitten before you blink.

You boy, full of ego,
Thinking she’s an object,
A title she rejects,
Don’t you even say item,
She’ll tear out your brain stem.

You come with a ring,
What a proposal
Instantly receiving refusal,
Your pride getting a sting.

What you call sass
Is what gives her class,
Only good guys can pass,
For equality makes love last.

She may seek a guy,
But one acknowledging
Her personhood,
With her words she can live by,
So sad you can’t supply
Her happiness,
Not that she’ll be silenced.

No one defines her,
Not a single person,
She won’t call anyone sir,
For she can take care of herself,
Better than you do yourself
In the 9 months carrying a baby.

She lives without a husband,
You see her doing it now,
Why don’t you bow
Instead or face her wrath?

Mess with this woman,
Turn her a slave to your will,
Reduce her to countless cries,
But still, she shall rise.

She’s got something,
Very promising,
Haven’t figured it out?
See for yourself.


current WIP

you left footprints under my skin
almost like a declaration
saying, “this is where I’ve been

you signed off your name
in inconspicuous letters
not understanding that
these scars will last forever

you’re like a hurricane
that leaves behind ‘—’
and uprooted, battered trees

you stole our happiness
the thief that you are
’ - yes, the thief is you
and while I can blame
the loss of happiness and shift in life
on mental illness, the real reason
I have mental illness is because of you

your careless mistakes have caught up
with you – well, more like, me
when will you finally see the destruction
that you’ve caused inside of me?


my mother once said
that if you uproot a plant too many times
eventually it will die

and so here I am,
pathetic, miserable, broken
with an empty shell of a life


i loved that. i really did


How could you ask me
To give up my rainbow-
my most vital part-
When you were the source
of its light?


Simple Question

Where do you see yourself in the future?
The question sounds simple,
But is it really? I’ve been told
It’s a simple question, but how can
That be the case? Whenever people
Asks me that question, I’m speechless.

When I say speechless,
It’s not that I’m keeping anything from you,
It’s not that I have the answers in my brain,
It really means that I have nothing
To tell you. To put it simply, I am lost.

It feels like I’m at the sea,
Several feet deep where I’m swimming,
But I don’t know if I’m swimming
To the surface or to the bottom
Because wherever I go,
It looks the same.

The surface looks far away,
The bottom looks just as far,
What’s worse is that I’m losing
My breath, and this very breath
Represents my will, so when it runs
Out, that means I have given up on life.

All I ask for is guidance,
People promise that they will guide me,
But all they do is berate me,
Tear me to shreds, and what’s worse
Is they tell me I will figure it out.

I ask myself if I’ll ever meet anyone
Who would truly understand me,
And just when I lose all hope,
I’m in for a surprise.

There is this girl.
She is unlike every person I’ve met.
She is lost, just as lost as me,
And it’s actually comforting
That we can be lost together.

So what if she is lost?
At least, I am no longer alone,
No longer swimming aimlessly
At sea because I have someone by my side.

We figure things out together,
They say two minds are better than one,
And I can vouch for its veracity,
I heard this phrase several times,
But I never truly understood it until
I met this girl.

Even though I am still lost,
I don’t feel as lost when I’m with her.
Fact is, I feel like I’m actually
Making progress. Sure we have setbacks,
But there is always a chance to correct
These mistakes with new plans.

The girl and I are both united,
Our common goal is to escape the sea,
To figure out what we want for the future,
And with every journey we take,
I find new reasons to call her my best friend.

Time passes, and while we are still lost,
We now know where we’re headed.
We now know whether we’re swimming
To the surface or the bottom,
And I’m proud to say we’re now
Swimming all the way to the surface.

Now, when people ask me where
I see myself in the future, I have an idea.
I see myself happy, prosperous even,
And all I have to do is take the necessary
Steps to achieve this goal.


your poems are reminiscent of raps


I’m gonna be entering this one into a competition, so i’d like any form of constructive criticism (AKA HELP ME PLEASE)

Nightmarish (help with ze title too? im sorry lol)
She closed her eyes,
Of what she would see.

Behind her eyelids
Hell resided.
Chaos reigned.

A hundred different
visions and dreams
Assaulted her unassuming avatar.

One of them was prominent,
It dragged her into a nightmare.

The arachnophobic
Was wearing a funeral gown
Of spiders.
They crawled everywhere
Her arms her legs her torso her chest
They walked onto her face
Into her mouth
Into her eyes
Wide with horror.
Its hairy leg poked her pupil.
Everything went black

She woke up, screaming.

Insomnia seems to be a better option.
Looks like she was going
to stay up tonight.


Woah, I love this! I hate spiders too. During the monsoon, we keep getting spiders here and I can barely sleep through the night. Sometimes my hair brushes against my neck or back and I freak out because I am convinced that it’s a spider.



Courage is looking right into the eye of Fear and
Saying, “I am not afraid of you, my dear.
I have orphaned you forever.
I have taken control of my life.
My laughter will be as
Pure and playful as a dolphin’s squeal.
My soul will be made of white rose purity.
I will have a cotton cool attitude.
I will have caramel conversations with everyone
Which’ll help me grow as a person.
If I ever come across you,
I will face you with butterscotch delight.
Because facing you will always help me
Speak the language of molten courage.
If I fall down, can’t run, can’t walk, can’t tip toe
Then I will crawl but always keep moving forward.
My ears will only listen to words as
Musical as nightingale songs.
I will transform obstacles into challenges
And challenges into opportunities.
I will be full of citrusy zest as
I sleepwalk towards my sapphire dreams.
I will splash myself with rosewater peace.
There will be flute melodies in my mistakes
Because they will help me learn.
There will be hues of peacock feathers in my thoughts and ideas.
I will make the mountains bow down to me.
I will drink the champagne of moonlight
And paint my nails with starlight.
So dear Fear, as you see, I will toothpick you away forever.
I will never let you manifest me again.”


oh wow! when I first moved, i kept seeing spiders in my nightmares haha


I feel like the effect of this lovely poem will be seen better if you organize it into stanzas? just a suggestion, dont have to take it


Hmm, thanks for the suggestion. Appreciate it. :smiley:


Same here. I had a nightmare in which spiders the size of my hand kept raining on me. After I woke up I was too scared to go back to sleep.