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yours looked like it was ready for print publishing - with the cover & everything!


The cover helps me visualize lol!!


Have any of you considered making a zine out of your poetry and distribute to the public? I heard some public libraries have a dedicated space where they store & collect people’s zines.




Just google it.

“A zine is a small-circulation self-published work of original or appropriated texts and images, usually reproduced via photocopier. Zines are either the product of a single person, or of a very small group and are popularly photocopied into physical prints for circulation.” from wiki

I’m currently looking at pictures of poetry zines on google


Ooh! Found an article on them! They look like something I could do!


Dude, that’s nice. I’ve never thought of doing something like that.


I gtg for now. I will be back in around 10-15 minutes.


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you should try it too :slight_smile:


Back! Sorry that it was more like 25 minutes. My mom made me clean the livingroom.


np :slight_smile:


I’m not up to date on all the acronyms.


Welcome Back


Okay. Thank you!
I feel like writing a poem right now.



I’m flexible,
I can change.
My mind can do backflips over the obstacles.
I can bend over backwards,
Both mentally,
And physically.

I can bend,
I can flex.
I am like the grass versus the tree,
In a storm,
I survive.
You’re bulletproof,
if you move out of the way.

I go with the change,
Like water.
I am liquid,
Like a cat.
Put me in one place,
And I change to fill the space.
Put me in another,
And I do the same.

My mind is like rubber,
I bounce back.
You hit me,
I hit you back.

I learn,
I change,
I grow.
I am flexible.


Mindless rhyming lol. Just something that came into my head.

What does it matter?
You won’t get fatter –
Just finish the platter!
Don’t save it for later
– It will only lose its flavor
And nobody likes to eat cold leftovers
Especially the older they get
And what if you forget
As it rots in the fridge –
Well there goes the dish
And there goes the food,
And there goes my work
Thanks a lot!
So pick up that fork
And I better not hear no complains
As you finish the remains


Omg, I really like this! I know you said it just came into your head, but it reminds me of the tone of some of Maya Angelou’s poems.


I just wrote this in about five minutes, lmao. I’ve been feeling like my own body doesn’t belong to me lately, but it made more sense to put it into metaphors than real words.

was this body changed forever
when it witnessed that filthy sin?
did its soul exit with every victim’s
and leave it vacant for me to move in?

i am no human, i am no girl
some foul spirit searching for a new home
reading between the lines from my dark centre
touching nothing and scraping bone

i took the reins from that young girl
bleached, battered, burned her form
wrenched it into my own evil doll
raised her grace to cloven hooves and horns

i have not been myself for quite some time
i have smoked and fucked what she wouldn’t bear
her skin has worn, her ribs emerged
her skull has emptied, her pretty teeth bared

holy water burns her like hydrochloric
cathedrals itch and father karras falls
a little theft feels like purpose and good
a gentle kiss draws her sinner’s awe

the boys and girls, i make them cry
they cannot grasp the good so deep inside
this little girl’s body, all twisted and torn
heaven is closed, but my eyes shine


Wow. I can really feel all the raw emotion pouring off of it.
Must be hard feeling like that.