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Thank you, I’m glad it has an impact and isn’t just words!

It’s more strange than anything. I’ve been watching The Exorcist a lot recently, because I’m writing a paper on it for university, and it made me realise how possessed I feel - not that I am possessed by a demon, but that I am the demon possessing the girl I used to be. I’ve changed a lot, and not very much for the better. I do feel like a bad thing pretending to be human sometimes. But what can ya do! Just write about it and get on with your life.


I know how it feels changing. I have not changed entirely for the better. It’s like there is a darkness creeping inside me, not an evil thing, but just darkness, a sadness. I remember the girl I used to be, all happy, without a care in the world, and then I look at myself, happy, but not really happy. I’m happy on the outside, but inside, I know that there is something sad lurking.

Also, I wish my parents would let me watch a horror movie.


What age are you that your parents can still dictate your viewing habits?

Honestly, my dad had me watching Tarantino films when I was 5 years old, so… I guess I grew up in a pretty lax household, hahaha. I’m desensitised to almost everything in fiction, so it’s nice to watch a new horror film that actually scares me! Hereditary was horrifying.


I’m turning 15 in a week.


Oh, damn, you’re young! I’m 19. I still live at home for the sake of money, but I have a job and go to uni - and have the freedom of age to do a lot of bad things that spurred that poem.


I made another poem!!
Your poem kinda inspired it!


I have a mask,
It covers my face,
My emotions,
It makes me look happy.
But I am not,

Something lurking,
Dark inside.
I want to be happy,
But there is doubt in me.

Once the seed is planted,
There is no going back.
There is darkness inside,
You can not kill the plant,
Of doubt.

I have the mask,
Conceal the doubt.
Where did it come from,
Is it because of my past?

Mental pain.
My genes have led to this,
Depression inside.

The mask is what others see,
Not the seed that has been sewn.
I’m not sad all the time,
But there always is doubt.
‘Am I truly happy when I feel happy?’
‘Am I still the same person?’

Memories plague me,
The cause of the doubt.
I am not good enough.
Everything the bullies said.

These are just some of the words.

I mask it all in,
Cover all of the pain,
And I feel happy.
But it is not going to last.

Some people peel off the mask,
Find the true me.
Those people I trust,
To see what I am.
Others are just met with the mask.


ooh gotta check her out! Any specific or favorite pieces you’d recommend?

and thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


She’s the best! And Still I Rise is a collection of her poetry, and I adore it. I really couldn’t choose a favourite poem!


I have a tendency to wake up in the middle of the night with a poem idea in my head, and I type it into my notes app on my phone so I don’t forget it - except then I forget that I wrote it down somewhere at all, so here’s a collection of short half-asleep midnight poems from the last few weeks that I just rediscovered!

i open a prayer
and God responds with cries of
rent nutrition manners hydration
and other such expletives

“do you care about anything at all?”
she asks
looking like an angel
or some familiar
animal freak
i part my lips to answer
and a wisp of smoke emerges

the stars are my heart’s dollars
their billions glint at me
tangled in bedsheets
whispering that freedom is close enough
to finger

life gave me lemons
i wanted whisky instead


Wow watching her perform her poetry was something else! What a delight!


omg have you ever had moments where you conjure something up IN your dreams??
I’ve had moments like that, and I talk to myself like damn that was good, but as soon as I wake up I don’t remember anything :sweat_smile::joy::rofl:




I have an entire universe in my dreams, including its own continuity!


I wrote many smaller poems a couple of weeks ago due to the winter polar vortex that ravaged through the Midwest…

The wind won’t stop.
It bashes and bashes
at the side of my house
wondering why I won’t come out.

I’m stuck here, you see?
Out there,
it’s too cold for me to breathe.
The world has turned into a tundra


The air nips at my fingers,
ready to feast upon
my ghost-like digits.
There’s no meat on these!
My upper lip has no feeling
as my feet quite literally freeze.
Yup, this is winter for me.


They’re trash, but whatever haha


They’re not trash.
They just need to sound nice in your head.
And I think they do.


Dreams can be so fascinating sometimes. It’s so weird to be able to revisit a same place in your dreams & the feel of familiarity.


nah, I enjoyed them :slight_smile:

props to you for surviving that, though.
I’ve seen video clips of people’s houses with snow & ice their house. That’s wild.


Yeah, or even go to a non-existent place in your dream, and then later go back in a different dream.
I did that last night. I had gone to a resturaunt with my family in a dream like 3 days ago, and then last night when I went again, my mom in the dream missed the exit, and I was like ‘oh, you missed it!’
I also herded fish.