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Herding Fish

Herding fish,
Just like herding cats,
But harder.

You have to let them breathe,
Not air.

They be slippery,
covered in scales,
and slime.

Their fins may scratch you,
Your hands raw,
and red.

Herding fish,
Through the water.
It’s not for the faint of heart.


could any of u check out my poetry book?


Strange one about the girl I sort of love.

my darling, my baby, her throat is bleeding out
i watch her gasp laid down beside my god of many tongues
i sent her ten white roses flown across five hundred miles
i sent her pictures of me in tears clothed in black exile

my honey, my pudding, my girl of silken words
she pushes back my plate of blood like i have more to give
it takes a swinging lightbulb just to hear about her day
it takes a pint of vodka just to find another lay



It’s not quite so bad.
You always have a friend to talk to,
Whether there’s someone there or not.

You can do what you want,
And not ever have to follow the rules,
Or reality.

You can walk on the ceiling,
Fly on water,
Even swim on land.
Nobody can ever tell you what to do.
You live in your own mind.

You can spout poetry when someone is sad,
Or tickle an elephant’s foot.
Nobody can stop you,
And you can do what you want.
It’s your world,
After all.

We live in our heads,
And never go to bed.
We can do whatever the h*ck (heck) we want.


I finally published a book of my poetry on the main site! It’s titled almost pretty. Excite!!!

Here’s the latest from it (warning for profanity and sexual content!):

chick habit

you look like you could be my
next bright thing; the latest girl-tonic
to drown myself in, to douse
my faults and scars away,
to lay beside under a broken ceiling,
to graze with sinner’s teeth.

i haven’t seen your thighs, but i imagine
they’d welcome my head, softly
squeeze my skull,
remind me that we are young women
and any dark place could be lit with
the scent of the other’s neck.

i haven’t known you long
but our words slip downstream easy,
pad feline across worn carpet
entwine girlish lips together.
(and maybe not the ones
we use to speak)

fuck it, babe? fuck it all
academia won’t never do it for us,
i’d rather lie quiet in absence of work, listen to
nothing fucks with my baby
and fuck with my baby
pretty, gentle and slow.


The Power of Words

Blood is written on those who want change.

This is humanity’s greatest pain.

Baring arms against another, this is not the way to treat our brothers.

Have we lost our hearts?

The world suffers because we differ apart.

Love is the only way, yet others prefer to pass and stray.

Such is the mind, this is the reasons change is not made.

Let us begin anew with our words.

Remind each other of who we were as we shall truly love and move to a greater forward.


I love it!! I can just feel the emotion, and I think the same thing so often! 9001/10 for that poem!!


I feel this would be a great rap song?


It should be! I’ll work on making it into one.


The Demon of Childhood
Somewhere at the very beginning
At the first dawning of childhood
A demon was awoken

With every beating the child recieved
Every lash, every bleeding gash
Its soul slipped further away
It never ended

Where did the demon come from?
The mystery forever remains.
A sorrowful heart breaks in vain.

You can find more of my work here: https://nightshadewriting.blogspot.com/


Ooh! I love the poem!


Thank you! I wrote it a while ago for a school assignment


Who knew that school could be actually useful! :joy:


Haha yeah. Honestly half of English is writing and comprehension for us. Heck, all of it is




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this is a really great poem.




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