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I’m in love with this poem :purple_heart:beautifully done!


Oooooh, Castle. I love poetry :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:




Here’s my most recent poem!


Hearing people talking,
Watching me.
Are they whispering,
About every mistake I make?

I don’t know what they are saying,
But I just can’t help but think,
Are they talking about me?

When I am in public,
I always wonder,
Are all the people talking about me,
About all my flaws?

I’m not at all norma,
I don’t know all the rules,
And I always feel like I am breaking them.
People must be noticing,
And gossiping about me.

My tone of voice is not easily controllable,
Sometimes people think I mean a different thing,
And I feel like they tell people,
Tell them how alien I am.


You forgot the “l”.
Nice job. It conveys your feelings well :grin:


That was a typo, but I’m gonna keep it now. :joy:


Ah, okay. Is it okay if I post one of mine? :grin:


Sure! The name of this thread it poetry showetry, so showetry that poetry!


Okay. This one is from my book of poems:

My Love

i found me a love
brights in the warmest o’ eyes
tangles in the softest o’ hair
on a pair o’ sweetest lips
gliding on the smoothest o’ skin
within the kindest o’ hearts



I love it!


Awe. Thanks, Cas. What makes you write poetry?


It’s a good way to get my feelings out without journaling, and the words sound pretty in my head when I read it.


Nice. Me too. I just published my short book of poems today so I’m excited to see this thread :grin::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you so much​:heart::heart:


Cool! I made this thread a while ago, and then just a few days ago, a moderator moved it to the poetry genre club and a lot more people have found it.
I’m like super proud of myself for having a thread in the genre clubs. XD


God I feel like this all the time. I have such bad anxiety


My sister has really bad anxiety too. It doesn’t help that she has been getting bullied for 2 years in a row. It literally made her sick last year.
Me, I don’t have anxiety, or am at least not diagnosed, but I have asperger’s sydrome, and it makes me very awkward in social situations.
I wrote that poem because of how I feel in my all girls dance class. Darn, other girls are so complicated, and I always feel like they are saying things about me, from how I am so flexible to how I sometimes scratch my head because my hair tickles.


I totally get it. Girls are just mean sometimes. I’m sorry you have to go through that. Just flaunt yourself though. It helps a lot to just think that they’re jealous.


XD Lol. Of course they are jealous! How could I be so blind! I’m the only one that can do the splits both directions, and do a back bend. They are also probably jealous of my awesome poetry! :joy:

Thanks for the advice. It’s helping already XD.