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I’mma post one too, cuz I’m procrastinating.


The monsters parading know me as kin;
I march in their skin
but want to escape.
I hide in the bathroom, claiming I’m sick.
Surrounded by walls, I think I am safe.

I shudder and rip
the skin off my flesh –
illusory mesh
decided by script.
It’s me in the mirror, free and unkempt.

A knock on the door; they know I exist.
I quickly prepare a game of pretend.
Discarding my id,
I grow and mature
as all of my skin encloses again.

The horrors I see, I am. What endures
past childhood hides
like hope in the jar
surrounded by monsters, locked in the heart.


It could be true that they’re talking behind your back, but it could also be possible for people to overthink and over analyze things, like people with social anxiety or people with attributes that make them stand out (like physical disabilities, mental disabilities), who are more attuned to other people’s reactions. Like I’ve seen some documentaries of people with physical abnormalities, and they feel like everyone’s always staring & judging. But some people can’t help but notice & not look if they see something unordinary but aren’t judging - they’re just curious. Sometimes people come off rude but don’t mean to.


wow what an amazing piece. Great imagery and use of language. Though you’ve had a specific situation & monsters in mind, I can see how it can be left for interpretation and for a large pool of people with different experiences to relate; very relatable piece


hands (WIP)

kind hands
are always busy, always working
raking soil, planting seeds,
planting trees, uprooting weeds

kind hands, they cook, they feed
they console, they weep,
they cover you with blankets
when you go to sleep

malicious hands, they are malevolent
they destroy, they steal
they don’t care how others feel

malicious hands,
they are full of hatred,
full of envy

they stomp your gardens
they stomp your yards
steal the fruits that your trees bore

malicious hands, they are a heart of hollow core
they thrive on pain, sorrow, and gore


Great idea, exceptional poetry, but hands cant stomp. Feet stomp.


Those tears are shy.
They like to hide behind your eyes
Where it’s dark and independent of the world.

Your stare was focused on the sky,
So you didn’t have to look me in the eye
As the tears held on for dear life.

You sighed and smiled,
As if that was painful,
While you had let your tongue lie.

Why do you have to abide
By the rules set by mankind
To feel like a “real” man?

No matter what you do,
Like feeling or choosing
To be empathetic and kind,

You will always be you.
I love that hue on you,
So be yourself please!

No matter what,
I love you for you,
Through and through.





My fury is a sterile white –

a sky of constellations lost
in melding with the morning light.

A million vivid hues exhaust
my eyes, but still my vision thrives.
In darkness, I saw nothing wrong.
In daytime, now – the truth arrives.

The words you murmured crawl along
my palm. In bliss, I watch them die.

I feel malicious, mad delight

and laugh, as neither you nor I
will miss the blackness of the night.



Good job!


haha that’s true :sweat_smile:


(this is a criticism of the behaviour of certain human beings)

They stick their tongues out.
But don’t they feel
like dogs?
Panting and barking and
wagging their tails,
tongues hanging out,
begging for the attention
of their masters?


As a furry I found this one hilarious xD
Great jonywith the poem! :3


here’s a piece I wrote recently - would like to change the writing some more to help it flow but I’m happy:

I am often
struck by this thought
I’m living in this moment
surrounded by a world
that gets so lonely in
this bubble we set
ourselves adrift

But I am not
the only one
living, breathing
daring to reach for
the dreams we so desire

And perhaps that is the greatest beauty
the fire within we so desire
to illuminate the darkness
we are not that lonely
after all


i think the flow is just fine


Hard Times
A Mother’s Song

Lost in your mother’s arms,
feeling safe from others’ harm.
Growing up sets off alarms,
your childish mind unable to move on…
Know I’m here, so don’t you fear.
Call on my strength when baddies come near.

Life may take you far from home,
but still you are never alone.
A mother’s grace is tightly sewn,
no matter how young or grown.
Yes, I’m still here, you don’t have to fear.
You have my strength when enemies come near.

If it feels like the end is drawing close,
trust in the strength that our family knows.
All will bow at your feet,
Royalty raised to be brave but meek.
Though my voice you can’t hear; fear nothing, my dear.
I shared my strength so your future could be clear.


Little Bird

Little bird,
On wings of pain and blood and death,
Its heart beating,
Fighting against its fiery cage.

Trapped in a prison of its own making.


Neither Here Nor There

In your house,
In your lungs,
In your air.
Neither here,
Nor there,
I’m everywhere.

I’m in your blood,
Through your heart.
I’m here,
Nor there,
And everywhere.

You can’t see me,
But you know I’m there.
You can’t smell me,
But I am somewhere.
Neither here,
Nor there,
I am everywhere.

Look for me,
And you will not find me.
Run away from me,
And you will always be near me.
Neither here,
Nor there,
But everywhere.

If I had a color,
I could be blue,
Such a wonderful hue.
To look at me,
Tilt your head up,
To look away,
Close your eyes.
Neither here,
Nor there,
Or everywhere.

Look away,
Look away.
You can’t.
Neither here,
Nor there,
I be everywhere.

What am I?
It’s so simple.
It makes me giggle.


well done!


i have been reading all of your works and i love it! so i thought i would share my work with you all and hope you all share your opinions :slight_smile: fankss:))

what is it
that turns my brain around
to a thousand piece missing puzzle
that’s too hard to find

is it really all it is
52 weeks come and go
where was i all along?

what is it
i have been thinking too much about
or is it that i haven’t at all
my mind just seems not to know

im lost in my own words
left scattered around the room
is this it for now
or there’s more to bloom?