Poetry Word Prompts?

Hey everyone!

I’m thinking about starting a new poetry book based on ideas and stories of word or topic prompts. Or perhaps even stories from people if you’d be willing to share a story. I’d love to get some poetry word prompts for inspiration. In return, I’ll dedicate the chapter/poem to you, or even better head over to your Wattpad page and read your works and give feedback. Please don’t share links to your own poetry books here though.

So, I was hoping for some word prompts or sentences or topics that could give me inspiration. For instance: fire, mist, tears…and then I would write a poem with all three of those words. Or something like, “I once fell into a hole…and couldn’t get back out from it for six hours.” and then I’d write a poem based on that mini story.

I encourage other people to write poems of their own too if they see prompts in this thread which they like and would want to use in their own poems.

I write free verse poetry :slight_smile:

Thank you!

-Amanda C


Hey, I don’t write poetry or poem but I love reading those stuffs and always feel a huge respect and amazement when people write those stuffs because I’m kind of bad writing poetry. I’ll give you a prompt.

dream, secret, complicated

Oooo thank you @tanellia! I’ve written a poem just now based on those three words and have dedicated the chapter to you on Wattpad! And @anon33845768 I’m going to work on the prompt sentences you’ve posted here soon and I’ll dedicate to you when the next chapter comes out!

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How about ‘contemplation, cats and the moon’ as prompts?

I’d love to see how you string something coherent out of that! ^^

Thank youuu. Glad I could help :blush:

Finished all prompts so far :slight_smile: @anon33845768 and @theEnigmaticPrince

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watching to prepare for NaPo

What an interesting thought! Poetry word prompts…

Boat, serenity, waves, storm


So I dedicated the chapter to calmwolf on Wattpad but not sure if your username is the same on both this threads website and the Wattpad website. Also @anon33845768 I chose the abstract one as you’ll see! @dreams_i_have oooo I love NaPo!! And yes, it would be useful haha

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Gonna stack them up for this one XD

Last time I wasn’t sure what to write and all of them seemed the same lol


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Done! My favorite three word prompt so far!

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Sweet! I’ll check it out :smiley:

By the way I try to write the poems as soon as possible after someone posts a prompt, that’s why you might get a notification so fast, or maybe not so fast if I’m not online haha but please do post as many prompts as you would like!

Here are a few three word prompts from me

  1. lose, books, hold
  2. wallet, wake, wristwatch
  3. under, umbrella, drop
  4. change, somersault, dive/diving board (?? I don’t know what those are called officially)
  5. question, care, stay

Three words; real, emotional, content. dig deep and show us your true self!

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Woops super late reply, but was this a sarcastic comment? I couldn’t tell. Sorry I didn’t respond until now! But I have actually written a poem with those three words :slight_smile:


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