Any poets out there?


I am kind of I write songs


Hello! I’m a poet. Recently, I wrote a prose poem… There isn’t a name for it nor did I publish it on Wattpad, but I did on Quora in a response to something… I don’t think it was as beautiful as the question wanted the writing to be, but it was okay…

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No you are! songs are definitely a form of poetry

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Different ppl have different opinions and some ppl don’t think so, so I was just making sure!

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Well I think so, and I’m sure your songs are beautiful

hey, i write poetry! I’m no professional but I’ve posted a bit of my word on tumblr and wattpad.


thx I have a song book on Wattpad

Hello, I’ve been a poet on Wattpad for many years, I like to think I might actually be getting slightly better at it too!


i’ll have to check it out some time

Yeah i have a poetry book on Wattpad as well

I’ve read some of your work, it definitely embodies the essence of poetry!

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Be warned they deal with some heavy topics

Heya :slight_smile:


ohmygod thank you that means so much!

I suppose I could be called that…

hey everybody

I tend to only write things that are heavy, to me the emotional impact is so powerful. I was into spoken word for a long time, now I’m tending to write shorter poems with more of a focus on the nuances of language and structure. I think I lose reads because of it, but I’m writing what I need to put out there. The fact is it’s not always pretty, and I think anything that tries to be is shallow in it’s lack of acknowledging the true human experience


I completely agree