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Our place to brainstorm and chit chat about poetry and whatnot. Get creative! :fountain_pen:
You can also post prompts you find interesting :slight_smile: I’m lowkey using this for July NaNoWriMo :rofl:

Some simple rules:
:heavy_multiplication_x: No stealing lines.
:heavy_multiplication_x: Don’t degrade someone’s work.
:heavy_multiplication_x: Don’t advertise your story.

I’ll start with a prompt I liked and used in the past:


this is Sophie’s Dome poetry version :rofl:

Anyway I had come up with an idea and I wanna have it here so I don’t forget it:

'Cause I'm hashtag labelled / (add stuff here) TV's cabelled

Sincerely, your beloved society,
Wether you’re this or that, write poetry or rap,
You’re hashtag labelled,
You’re so poor, is your TV even cabelled?
Do drugs? You’re a junkie, druggie,
Believe in religion, or are you a f*ggie?
Biracial, tribi? Mainstream artist, popstar?
Gone with boys with no feelings for them? Pornstar, s**t or lonesome?
Either way, don’t worry, you’re #labelled,

Sidenote: listen to Eminem’s Criminal for inspo.



:small_blue_diamond::small_orange_diamond::small_blue_diamond::small_orange_diamond::small_blue_diamond::small_orange_diamond::small_blue_diamond: this :small_blue_diamond::small_orange_diamond::small_blue_diamond::small_orange_diamond::small_blue_diamond::small_orange_diamond::small_blue_diamond:
:small_blue_diamond::small_orange_diamond::small_blue_diamond::small_orange_diamond::small_blue_diamond::small_orange_diamond::small_blue_diamond: is :small_blue_diamond::small_orange_diamond::small_blue_diamond::small_orange_diamond::small_blue_diamond::small_orange_diamond::small_blue_diamond:
:small_blue_diamond::small_orange_diamond::small_blue_diamond::small_orange_diamond::small_blue_diamond::small_orange_diamond::small_blue_diamond: not :small_blue_diamond::small_orange_diamond::small_blue_diamond::small_orange_diamond::small_blue_diamond::small_orange_diamond::small_blue_diamond:
:small_blue_diamond::small_orange_diamond::small_blue_diamond::small_orange_diamond::small_blue_diamond::small_orange_diamond::small_blue_diamond: poetry :small_blue_diamond::small_orange_diamond::small_blue_diamond::small_orange_diamond::small_blue_diamond::small_orange_diamond::small_blue_diamond:


Ah glad this was brought up. I’m a huge fan of poetry, though my favorites are Japanese forms, and Italian Sonnets.


Do you mean haikus or other japanese forms of poetry?


Sen-ryu, Haiku, Tanka, hybrid forms.

Sometimes even a hybrid of Italian Sonnet and Tanka, or Sonnet and Haiku.


Oh I have never heard of those. What do you like about them?


I like the seasonal momentary bliss in haiku, but it can also use to create a slow moment in pure horror as well. With sen-ryu, it is similar, except about a pun about individuals.

Tanka is sort of like an extended Haiku.

With Sonnet, I actually disdain the traditional themes, but I love the rhyming structure.

Also, with haiku, it is also a great way to learn how to write pitches (for pitch events) or for writing hook at the beginning of a story.


I never thought about haikus and story hooks that way. And those forms sound interested! I will look them up some time :slight_smile:



*looks through the first post *

so do I need to write a poem about myself?


You don’t need to. I shared a prompt if you want to try it out :slight_smile:


hmm describing myself the opposite way would be just showing what I show to people lol

I am something but show another
So how would I possibly write something I am not
When I act as like I am not me in front of others?


But why do you do that?


idk maybe it is just showing different parts of me to different people and what they think I act like


We all show somewhat different parts of us to different people but how can that be the opposite of who you are as a whole?


lets say how much I focus on something people would describe me as optimistic but if you look at my thoughts I am pessimistic at most

they think I have lots of friends I can talk to but for me I don’t know if I even have that much or if I still have them so I just talk and talk when in reality I am really quiet most of the time


I guess I just try to act what others think I should be acting like so my real emotions only seeps through my poems so far


But you shouldn’t act, how will you make true friends that way? And it doesn’t matter how many they are, it matters how good they are.

I’m pessimistic and quiet too.


i don’t really act because I want to it just happens and when I tried to show myself they just thought I was joking

pessimistic here being an optimist when it comes to others


Huh :confused:

I mean it’s easy to want cheer someone up but that doesn’t mean that’s how you treat your own problems