Poet's Corner



What is your inspiration for writing poetry?


sounds like you have come a long way! Have you noticed any change in how you write then and now?


Yep totally

My first poems were about nature and could pass as positive ones but my current ones are all about emotions and mostly the negatives of them and if not that it is about dealing with them


I think that poetry is at it’s best when it shows real emotional content. I do the same thing, it really is a good outlet.


That makes me curious can you reread these same poems you used as an outlet okay?


most of the time. There are a few poems that go way back that I don’t really have interest in rereading. I do like to reread my most emotional poems, as a way of appreciating how I felt then, and how I got through it and continued to become an even better writer.


Hi there. :slight_smile:


For me rereading my poetry is like reliving them so I don’t do that much


Ello there


Hi, sorry I fell asleep last night, haha.


I suppose that means you put a lot of emotion into them, and that is a beautiful thing.


it’s alright we have different time zones too ^-^


yep but sometimes I wish I could read it through without feeling the same emotions


Some things are better left in the past


And some things are better left in the future


How can you leave things in the future you never met? XD wait I guess I get it now :thinking:




here to the future, and growing as a person and a writer ^-^


Um… hi :raised_hands:t3: