Poet's Corner


I hope you have been liking it so far ^^

I’m doing well you?


I’m good thank you, I’m really liking it so fsr :black_heart:

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That’s good to hear ^^

Do you write other genres or is poetry your main one?


I write other genres !!

I have a book soon to be published full of oneshots, short stories and prompts I have come up with.

In terms of novels, I write a few genres - currently toying with 2 main ideas. One romance / thriller , and one psychological thriller / fairytale retelling


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Ooh what genres do you write in?


I just noticed that you edited your post ^^’


I write mainly in fantasy and poetry but I’m trying different things too


Thats what writing is about, trying new things :heart_eyes:

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That’s true ^^


Hello, everyone!


Hello poet

Though time isn’t on my side I welcome you to a young thread of poets

I hope to see you around and get this thread some life too ^^

(school is starting for me soon)


How does everyone feel about writing prompts? When it comes to poetry I find it difficult to get inspired by a prompt most of the time. I’ve read a lot of poetry guides that encourage all sorts of different things, but to me the writing seems a bit forced and shallow. I think the real magic is in the poem that just writes itself inside your head before you even knew it was there.

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I feel prompts that can help a poet think of more poetry sounds delightful but only if it encourages them to write one.


Agreed. I’ve written some really cool stuff thanks to some prompts in the past. The problem I’m facing now is that the guide I’m reading wants me to write a poem about this or that in just about every paragraph. I want to get to the meat of the book, but I feel like I should be developing my writing habits along the way by just writing a poem whenever it asks me to… Easier said than done, especially when I’m uncomfortable with writing in blank verse and all that other old school jazz. I suppose the challenge is ultimately going to pay off, so maybe I should just write to write, they can’t all be winners but at least I’m writing, right?

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Where’s the poetry ?


This corner has been dead for a while :joy:


ikr? where are the poets at?

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Not possible. I’m subliminally referring to the depths of my own troubled waters even if I’m prattling about Marilyn Monroe. So, no thanks. EXIT BIDIYA

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Gone and forgoten it seems


too bad. it seems everyone is unpoetic right now, or is it just me?