Political Economical meeting

So I have called upon this political-economical meeting, to discuss a few things.
Who’s on the charts right now?
Whoever it is,
We gotta buss it down, yeah.
Buss it down

Is this a thread where I can openly say Donald Trump is the greatest American President ever or will this post be considered hate speech lol… since Wattpad is hella liberal… whats this thread about?

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ohh do you mean charts like book charts?

Yeah, the little duckie. You man we ducking.

Charts like the graphing ting, bar graph, pie charts. Graph in the bar, yeah

Obscure references that no will comprehend

Those are the best kind of references, because you can convince someone something is good and then pull back the curtain and Viola they aren’t really socialists. Not that there is anything wrong with socialism, works great in small doses. It’s the horse pills you gotta watch out for.

Whatcha talking about fam? Is it them prism tings, yeah. Can do the light-reflecting ting

I like my eggs with the yolk, but please don’t burn my toast

Depends on how you say it

I understand nothing what is this

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A political-economical meeting, to discuss a few things.

wow i am reading my earlier responses, I don’t even understand me. I was on a writing kick while drinking Gin in Soda water. wild night

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It was ze careless wispers fam, no problems in the economy fam

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