POLL: How long should the threads be before auto lock?


Okay so with infinite scroll the current maximum of 2500 seems to be too big, but the already tested limit of 500 is too small. So we need to find a good number that will help ease the burden of infinite scroll, while also giving people time to really delve into a thread. Thus it’s poll time!

What do you think is a good limit for the auto close of threads?

  • 1000
  • 1500
  • 2000
  • 2500 is still fine
  • Other - Please comment below with suggestions
  • I Don’t Care

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Between 1000 and 1500 I think. We can see which works better.


Yeah, I think 1000 is too less. So I’ll go with 1500. My attempt at it being somewhere in the middle.


Its fascinating to see it at a fairly even split between 1k and 1500.


I like 1k because you can shorten it as 1k, which is faster to type than 1.5k :rofl:


I’d be willing to test out both to get a real feel for what would or wouldn’t be good with infinite scroll.


Fascinating how 1k and 1.5k have the same amount of voters, but one is higher than the other.


True. We need to see how fast the community moves to judge the limit.

How fast do the fastest threads move anyways?


Apparently one person counts for 1% more :joy:


Accomplishments is fairly fast, but even then, it never explodes and ends in a day.


Hard to tell. I mean there are still threads on the cafe that I’ve seen close in the span of a week, but they are getting fewer and farther between. Plus it’s also at the 2500 limit. So who knows how much quicker a smaller limit would make it.


Threads may even move faster with auto refresh, but we may never know.


so efficient


Yup unless we can finally get people to be not stubborn and get over here :rofl:


Much efficient. Such wow.

The limit could always be changed after it’s implemented, too, right?


i made it 1250 for now though it may drive @lumi nuts(1.25k!)


*le gasp* How evil!


haha, don’t make me angry or else it’s 1251 :laughing:


At this point I think it’s good to try all sorts of levels so we can gauge what is and isnt a good limit to work with infinite scroll. 2500 was just too much :rofl:


Wait. If the limit is 1.25k now…

What happens to the thread with exactly 1.25k posts?