Poll: How many are males or females here?

  • Male
  • Female

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Edit: If you’re Non-binary then reply as I made a mistake :sweat_smile: (but I’m testing out this poll so it’s not really important)

No! To this new platform!

:raised_hand: What about non-binary people?


Ooh, forgot that one! I could re-edit it but can a vote be taken out and place a new one?

I am testing this anyway so brb


I have no idea.


@uncleL It says I need to call a mod to re-edit or remove poll? So can I re-edit now or wait five minutes?

Also if someone vote 1 but decide to take back the vote and vote 2 can that happen or is it what you vote, stays as that vote?


i think we really don’t want polls to be editable after the fact because we don’t want people doing weird / deceptive stuff (like making it seem like a bunch of people voted on one thing and then changing it to be something else)


I tried editing for you but got this:


The first part is what I got too but the second said to call a mod to able to edit it


We got 8 votes and it’s Female. Not closing but seriously? No guys (other than @nick which he should click the vote :eyes:)?


The estrogen is strong with this club.


I might be the only nb person here.


straight white male reporting for my civic duty as punching bag. We’ve earned it :smiley: had it too good for too long


Maybe soon there’ll be nb coming


I’m a woman, but I like to do guy stuff: climbing, whitewater boating, sailing, surfing.

I also love to cook!


Cool! :smiley:
Wish I could try but I’m not a sports gal except badminton


Omg, we got new males here! fresh meat! :joy:


The male species is becoming extinct here. We gotta save them. What about locking them up in safe cells? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I’m an outdoorsy woman


isn’t it statistically proven that most wattpad users are teenage girls?


That’s just a rumor. Not a fact