[Poll] Listening to Wattpad Stories

  • I’d like the option to listen to stories on Wattpad.
  • I would never listen to stories on Wattpad.

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Several years ago, I got a program called NaturalReader to assist me with my editing. I copy and paste text into it, and the program reads that text aloud. The computer voice isn’t perfect, but I’ve gotten used to it and I really like how it frees up my hands to do other things while I am reading. I like making jewelry and fidgeting with various objects on my desk, so it lets me do that.

When I first installed it, NaturalReader had a function to read websites aloud, but that didn’t work so well because it would start by reading the url or weird code that wasn’t even visible on the screen. So I disabled that function and now the only way I can listen to text is to open the program and copy-and-paste text into it. Unfortunately, that means I can’t listen to Wattpad stories through NaturalReader. I get that y’all want to reduce plagiarism by not letting people copy and paste text, but personally I find it annoying that I actually have to look at the screen to enjoy another Wattpader’s story. I’ve been spoiled.

Maybe NaturalReader has gotten better now about not reading url and code from websites, but it’s also expensive and I’m not going to upgrade to the latest version until I need a new computer. I’m also not going to upgrade on the risk that whatever anti-copy-paste software Wattpad has in place would prevent NaturalReader from functioning entirely.

So here’s my idea/request:
Could Wattpad actually partner with NaturalReader (or a similar read-aloud program) and add a website button to initiate the chapter being read aloud right on the site? It would be free advertising for NaturalReader (or a similar company) and people who don’t usually find time to read on Wattpad can now listen while they are doing dishes or watering the garden or cleaning the bathroom or even getting dressed in the morning. It’s a win-win-win!

Maybe have a paid version with no advertisements for premium Wattpad members and a free version with radio-style advertisements for non-premium Wattpaders. Maybe offer a discount on the purchase of NaturalReader (or similar software) for premium Wattpad members. I currently don’t have a premium Wattpad membership and never have, but something like this might entice me to get one.

So . . . thoughts on this idea?

I think there needs to be another option between “I’d like the option listen to it” and “I’d never listen to it”. Maybe something like “I probably won’t listen to it”, because never say never. Not that I’ve ever listened to an audio book in my life.

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I like the way that you’ve thought through several different options for degrees of premium use - something HQ has lacked recently. This would be the “best of both worlds” scenario and I hope that HQ considers it as something they could use to add to Premium.

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I think, in a polished version of Wattpad in the future, having this feature would be pretty awesome. It might help authors with their writing too, to see if any areas dont sound right when being read aloud.

I know there are times where I want to give something a try, but also want to do the dishes. Being able to do both at the same time would be awesome!

I like the idea of partnering with a site, rather than having someone actually voice it. It would be much easier and more accessible that way!

I also agree that this would he a great premium feature.


I personally don’t like listening to things because it takes a ton of energy for me. I’d rather read any day. I’m the kind of person that gets annoyed podcasts don’t have a transcript (but I’ll put up with it for Jon Lovett.)

Still would be a cool feature.

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Once upon a time WP and Soundcloud worked together but Soundcloud broke up with WP (this was a long time ago). I never listened to audio books and any company willing to contact HQ got my vote.

The only thing I know is (Edit: Not sure why I can’t find it :/) Hachette (but you need to buy WP audio stories) and for your own works, youtube.

If ever that company, Naturalreader wants to work with HQ then I think they need to contact them?

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I figured it would be best to keep the poll simple with to options.

Thanks! Yeah, it’s good to give people options.

Yes!!! It would put Wattpad over the top in terms of best reading platforms.

I wouldn’t personally use it because I get distracted too easily listening to audiobooks, but I feel like it’d be a really cool feature that could be useful to others.

I also would love to hear an audio recording of my book.


I vote for Jane’s option

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For sure! I hope they listen to us :slight_smile:

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I already use a TTS app to read Wattpad stories when I’m in my car. It would be nice to have it built it. But there are options available.

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For sure! It doesn’t have to be NaturalReader in particular, but I mention it simply because that’s the one I use.

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Actually, a reader of mines took the initiative of doing voice reading of some of my stories on Amino and Discord and I pretty much enjoyed the thing ! I think it would be cool if this option was available !

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Glad to have your support :slight_smile:

Lol, yeah my poll was kinda rushed.

I don’t have a smartphone, so I have to do everything from my desktop. Do you happen to know a way to do that on a browser?

That’s super cool! I’ve been hoping to get the attention of some Youtubers for reading or reviewing mine.

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I don’t listen to stories period, on WP or off. I like reading and the voice in my head too much to have it replaced by someone else’s XD

But hearing horrid grammar spoken out loud for days could require a therapist :sweat_smile: