POLL: MONETIZATION and your opinion on how it should look.

  • Like As Is
  • Would Like AD Revenue Option
  • Option For Readers to Give Coins to Any Writer
  • Less Monetization Options

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Everyone: ad revenue was tried and it failed. Authors didn’t earn enough money to make the program (Wattpad Features) worth it to continue.


oh wait why are there ads then ? is it to keep wattpad just up in general ?

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Yeah, it’s to make revenue for HQ. They have to pay people and keep the lights on.


Posting this article purely for info purposes! They apparently bring in 19 million a year from AD revenue.


The article does say that that doesn’t amount to a huge profit though :eyes:

I’m not a huge fan of ads, and I do think I they could get better/ safer ads. Just any platform will have ads to some extent. You can’t get around it.


19 million does seem rather large, but it can also cost nearly that amount to run a site such as this.

Right now I think the Ads are mostly to give more money to Wattpad’s wallet, and I’m fine with that. The site can do more programs/pay more authors if they have more money. It’s a really nice site for being free, and the Ads aren’t obnoxious yet :slight_smile:


The article also states that its lean business model and really only having to focus on paying for 130 employees and bandwidth make it profitable, just that the founders themselves aren’t going to be the richest dudes in the world.
This is possible because of the many many people creating content for the website you can say anything about it being an opportunity and there are other sites, etc, etc. But at the end of the day, all the people that provide content for free is what allows them to be profitable.


Well that’s just ad revenue, which are run on stories that Wattpad gets for free, on top of the millions they receive from investors. In January of 2018 they announced that they raised 117 million dollars.

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I think as long as the site stays free we’re good. How do we feel about the inundation of WattPad Stories in the past couple years? Everyone’s trying to get a piece of the pie but I hope these deals don’t always go to rom-com & chicklit.


But did they restrict our writing? Reading? I mean how many stories in paywall vs free stories in WP?

WP is still free and yeah, we free people gave the site more noticeable and popular than any other writing/reading sites like Youtube but it’s also not like you and I are gonna help WP pay bills, salary, and other stuff to keep the company running. (You and all of us don’t even know how much the inside HQ cost)

Just like news sites or any sites, those ads and some other features (e;g premium) are for them to keep running the company which is understandable.

Unless is there a suggestion you want to help giving money to help the bills, employees, machines?

We do pay their salaries and bills every time we watch ads and create content where their ads can run. In some cases they do have guidelines that restrict certain writing, which is understandable in many cases it seems, I’m not complaining because I haven’t run into any trouble but I can’t speak for everyone’s experiences.


But it also makes writing for an audience way more accessible than its ever been. If you don’t like WP, that’s on you. Just I don’t think you can take it down for greed. Not while there’s so much actual greed out there that makes WP’s quest for profits seem like the most innocent thing to exist.

If it’s a deal breaker for you, okay. But otherwise, it’s not that bad at all.


I would like the option to give any writer coins. I think that would be rad.


I never used the word greed. I started this poll to just stir conversation and see if people would like to see any new features with monetization or just like things as they are. I never said I disliked the site. I’m only bringing up the reality of Wattpad is profitable and the userbase or readers and creators and the stories that are mostly provided for free is what makes this site profitable.
Also when you say “it’s not that bad at all”, do you mean that wattpad monetization set up as is great and doesn’t need any change?


I think it would be awesome to be able to tip writers. Yeah, it would be complicated for wattpad to figure out since they’d have to make sure all fanfiction is excluded and there are cover rights to the author so that there aren’t copyright issues but it would be a nice thought. I have amazing author friends who don’t plan to publish but they deserve to be paid for their work.


Well considering artists can have both fanfictions and original works it might just be easier to have payment go directly to an author and not have it associated with a particular story.

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Also considering they give us the option to earn coins by watching ads, I think it would be cool to throw some of that as authors that aren’t huge, but whose stories I’ve enjoyed.


That is true. I can agree with that. Tipping the author and not the book is a better idea honestly.


Yes but they put the ads for them to keep running still. If they took away the ads then who’s paying when it’s not us? How do we still get free functions and content if the ads didn’t exist? That’s the point I’m saying.

Back then the number of users joining in WP aren’t this huge as the present we’re in just like Ambassadors and there were no ads that time but there were no new stuff either, but now new functions implemented and other stuff changed which means it’s a addition cost. We were small but now we’re growing and it’s same for people signing up WP. Not staff nor work HQ but I’m sure my guess is right.

Maybe soon? :thinking: They did make earn coins by watching ads (like what video games does) so I hope so too :pray: