So I was wondering… how many people here are normal wattpad users and how many are ambassadors/mods/etc?

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  • Ambassador

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this makes me feel weird…what am i ??? not an ambassador, not really a normal user


huh… what do you usually do around here?


I work at Wattpad HQ on this test! So, in a way I’m kind of a mod because I can add, edit features etc but I’m not here to enforce any rules :chick_lit: :cool_girl:


huh… I count you as a mod/etc. Can you make it so people can use different color schemes? I don’t like the gray/white/dirty orange look. I’d prefer the ability to mess around with the colors on my profile or something


Go into your settings, under Interface you have a few options


This pages shows the ambassadors/mods on here :slight_smile:


thanks :smile_cat:


No worries :slight_smile:


I’d say put yourself down as mod. You do technically mod the forum since you’re the one building it :joy:


Should be “God of the forums” option :stuck_out_tongue:




I was kind of feeling like


ooh, yah. Unclel, god of the forums


yesss :joy:


Ambassador isn’t even an option under user settings here. :frowning:


Doesn’t show all of us on that page


look of confusion


It shows us non club ambassadors as being “trusted users”


I guess they don’t trust the rest of us