Poll: Wazzies (aka WP Razzies)? [ Closed ]



First, happy Memorial day! Let’s honor the soldiers and salute!

Now on to topic. I’m not gonna reveal the name but as you all are writers/readers it’s important to have your opinion and feelings on this. So here’s what user said.

"So last night, I got a random idea. You know how the Academy Awards has the Golden Raspberry Awards a.k.a “The Razzies” proceed it every year. What if the Wattys/Fiction Awards has its own version. “The Wazzies” or something like that. It’s by no means to make fun of bad stories, but to appreciate the other side of the best stories Wattpad can offer and for people to just have a nice laugh. Some awards can be like:
Oh, no! I got kidnapped/sold/adopted by who?! - The Worst Cliche Award
This story has how many reads?! - The Infamy Award
We get it. You’re a big fan. - The Worst Fanfic Award
And everyone was dead. - The Worst Horror Award
There can’t be this many hot/rich/charming guys out there. - The Worst Romance Award
etc. etc. etc.

So, yeah. If this can become a thing, I’d love to jump on board. :joy:

Keep in mind “It’s by no means to make fun of bad stories, but to appreciate the other side of the best stories Wattpad can offer and for people to just have a nice laugh.”

I think it sounds cool but the wording needs change as it’s not the best choice and has to have clear definition that its not intent to hurt them. But on other hand even with explaining some users still be outraged and get hurt by it. (or be a troll like that one user who attacked the LGBT+ profile for the + problem or something :roll_eyes: )

  • Yes, I think it’s good
  • No, that’s offensive

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Also if it was an amb run would you feel hurt by this? Be honest as I like to hear all your opinion on this.

P.S Let’s not be neck and neck again :joy:


I voted for both because I’m torn between the two options.

On one hand, it would mean more exposure for stories, which is always good!

On the other hand, I know some people can take things too far, which is bad.


I wouldn’t call the idea offensive, but I definitely think it could quickly spiral down into a lot of hurt feelings and resentment. Very few people like hearing that their story is the worst at something, especially when it’s the result of official judges/groups of people saying so, heh.


I kind of echo the sentiment with it might bring people down. Just as stories in the Wattys contain both those who are both with low and high number of views, a Razzies equivalent will breed “ugh my story isn’t popular no wonder it sucks” and “my story is popular, you clearly have no taste, hater”. But if there were to be a prize, maybe offer something like editing services. Story can be cliche as fuck but having some polishing would help a bit.


Voted for both, but I’m leaning more on “No”.

It sounds like a not bad idea, but the problem lies in how users will perceive it.


Update: So far ‘Yes’ is in the lead but “No” is coming close.

I asked no neck and neck people but look where it’s at :joy: This part I’m kidding, not real (I’m not Nick)


Maybe there’s a better way to do this that isn’t calling out stories but instead, story tropes.
For example, Worst Cliche Award nominees could be:

  • Billionaire hotshot 30 year old woos klumsy 22 year old secretary
  • High school sophomore discovers she has magical powers, was born to a supernatural family that had to hide her with normal people for her safety
  • and a few more (can’t think)

But then again, IDK how this would work beyond Cliches

  • they also ‘work’ for me because duh i love them


I have an idea.

What if the authors consented to being in the awards?

Would that make it more socially acceptable?


Ha! like they could nominate themselves! That sounds a bit more fun


Yeah, something like that.

Or if other people nominate them, permission must be granted before their story is judged.


I think the only way this could work without hurting someones feelings is if it’s the author submitting their books for them. Then they will be poking fun at themselves instead of someone else calling their book “the worst cliche on wattpad”

If you let general people nominate books then I can definitely see it hurting some feelings…

And this is why i should read threads before I respond LOL


I would ban people from making recomendations or talking about any book, even in the comments if its not their own.


If its self-nomination only. Id be for it.

Plus i know of some parody books that would love a chance to win and award like this.


I have to blame myself on this for able to vote two. It’s now tied here :joy:


bump (so new peeps can vote before I close it tomorrow)


I voted both, just because I love the idea even though it’s a little on the offensive side. However, I think it can be done tastefully without sparking a rift in the community :blush:


I voted yes, and here is why. Consider that Napoleon called Marquis De Sade’s work the worst fiction he ever wrote.

Ironically, it’s Marquis De Sade that ends up becoming a classic.


Lol @Lilly_B_L literally voted for both