Poll: What are your non-Fantasy subgenres?

We’re a big genre here. We’re also one of the broadest, and as a result, one of the most eclectic. I’ve met people in this category who cross-identify with basically every other genre on Wattpad, and whose books contain anything from the barest scrapings of magic to full-fledged high-Fantasy worlds.

To be completely honest, my books fall into several genres, but I call them all Fantasy because it’s less complicated that way, and the most active on the forums. None of my secondary genres give me any leaning towards a Fantasy subgenre, but if yours do, I’ll leave it up to you to decide how you consider them—for example, whether you see your books as Fantasy with a Sci-Fi secondary genre, or just Science Fantasy.

If you have books with differing answers to the questions below, pick your dominant tendency, or pick one book. Can be your current WIP, your favourite book, your most popular, whatever.

I’ve got three questions:

How strongly does Fantasy factor into the genre of your books?

  • My books are only Fantasy
  • My books are primarily Fantasy, but have a lesser secondary genre
  • My books are both Fantasy and some other genre
  • My books are another genre with elements of Fantasy
  • My books aren’t Fantasy, but I hang out here anyway

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If applicable, what is/are your secondary or other genre(s)?

*Applies to people with non-Fantasy books as well :slight_smile:
**Other includes Historical Fiction, which I forgot to add

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Chick Lit
  • Fan Fic
  • Humour
  • Horror
  • Mystery
  • Paranormal
  • Romance
  • Sci-Fi
  • Spiritual
  • Teen Fic
  • Thriller
  • Vampire
  • Werewolf
  • Other

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And lastly…

If applicable, do you also hang out in the forum category of your secondary or other genre?

*Also applies to people whose books aren’t Fantasy, but who still hang out here

  • Yes, more than here
  • Yes, as much as here
  • Yes, but less than here
  • Basically no
  • No

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Feel free to discuss!


So I write Fantasy with heavy doses of Action, Horror, Adventure and Romance.

I hang out over in Romance a lot too, because it’s nice there as it is here :smile:


This time, my Fantasy doesn’t have that much action and adventure. :thinking: It’s more focused on the drama of growing up/coming-of-age.


Since mine is a series, each book has a different plot or is part of a certain arc in the plot… Sometimes Fantasy is clearly shown and other times it’s more Sci-fi. But overall, it’s both. And Action/Adventure. There’s a lot of action and adventure.

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We do seem to have co-opted Adventure here :thinking:

My books are mostly war, so historical fiction probably.

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Forgot that one! I’ll see if the poll will let me add that.

Edit: Too late. Past the 30-minute edit mark.

Yeah, it’s sorta like a co-opted Adventure.

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My books are a weird mix of stuff, there are elves and most of the books are about the generals, and how they move their armies around to clash with enemies. But then there are also scientists talking about how magic works, and how it can be used to their advantage. And then there’s also light humor, horror, and dungeon raids.

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I put a note to say that ‘Other’ includes Historical Fic. I copied the list off the genre forums on here, so there aren’t a lot of other ‘others’ to choose from.

All things I would have expected to find together :wink:

Last I looked, HF was in the genre forums though.

It’s a game, yeah. With some high level worldbuilding.

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It is. I was just blind or confused, or overtired—the more likely option :laughing:

Sounds fun!

Why not all three?

Not when you don’t know what to write.

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Alright this is the genre and subgenre for each of my stories! :slight_smile:

  • Crossing Illusion: Fantasy, Paranormal/Supernatural, Mystery, Action, Adventure
              (Subgenre / tags: Mythological, Monsters, Magic, Spiritual, Detective/Police)
                              (Fantasy type: Urban Fantasy & High Fantasy)

  • 13th Forbidden: Horror/Thriller, Paranormal/Supernatural, Fantasy, Action
              (Subgenre / tags: Survival Horror, Alternate Reality, Spiritual, Psychological)
                              (Fantasy type: Urban Fantasy & Dark Fantasy)

  • Messiah of Stars: Science Fiction, Action, Adventure, Fantasy
              (Subgenre / tags: Futuristic, Space Age, Aliens, Mecha, Spaceships, Superhero)
                              (Fantasy type: Science Fantasy)

  • Nethergate: Paranormal/Supernatural, Fantasy, Action, Adventure
              (Subgenre / tags: Angel & Demons, Military, Steampunk, Romance, Coming of Age)
                              (Fantasy type: Urban Fantasy & High Fantasy)

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Except for the Sci-fi part, you just described my life… :joy:

Two of the six books in my series are really, really strongly over on the Adventure side, while another fits the bill pretty well. Two of those three, plus one of the less-Adventure ones, are Dark Fantasy, whatever that crosses me with. The less-Adventure of those is arguably Action. The entire series is Mystery.

Picking genres gets complicated.

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It does XD
That’s why I just say it’s every genre, divided throughout the series. And I’m not lying when I say that because it is XD

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