Polls for Fun



Just wear a monocle. XD

Ah. I see, yeah some people do wear 'em well.

Welp, if that’s easier for you then I suppose you’ll just do that.


I never use the couch. I sit in my bed.


I’m pretty much the same way, I do sit on the couch sometimes, but like 95% I’m on my bed lol


Ours is just pillows but the table got notebook and books and boxes :rofl:


actually, it’s more like what rejuvenates you.

Do you have more energy after hanging out with a bunch of friends for a couple hours?
Or spending that time reading/writing/watching tv?

So there isn’t really a need for the term ‘ambivert’. There can be outgoing introverts and quiet extraverts.


My hands fit in the can…


I’m changing covers again for my first book.

Care to vote on which you think looks best? If you like all but one, just pick the three you like and vote for those. :slight_smile:

  • 1: will probably draw in more readers, but kind of boring
  • 2: cool, but reads “local basic YA teenage book” rather than “utopian, unique YA teenage book”
  • 3: pretty, but also a basic Tumblr thot cover
  • 4: makes the most sense but isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing out of all of them (in my opinion)

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Aww :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Would you rather confess your dark/dirty secret or force to listen everyone’s dirty/dark secret? (and no you can’t block your ears. There’s no loophole oooohhhh!)

  • Confess my dark/dirty secrets (I ain’t afraid to reveal it!)
  • Listen to people’s own dark/dirty secrets (are you nuts? I’m not telling anyone my inner secrets!)

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Votes are anon so no worries


@chewton I cry for you. T-T


They all look aesthetically pleasing to me, in my opinion


We used to refrigerate honey o-o


I would get to know them ofc uwu making new friends is always nice


Omggg i haven’t listened to that second podcast :o


I’m almost afraid to ask why but I’ll ask anyway: Why???


My mom said so xD i was just being an obedient one uwu



Sorry for disappointing you u.u


Well it doesn’t sound like you do it anymore so there’s that…go and sin no more XP