Polls for Fun



Yes yes xD i shan’t return to my cruel ways


I haven’t tasted half of them xD


I’m all alone…








I mean half of them aren’t even available here :man_shrugging:




Takis are good, I don’t eat them that often, though


i don’t have anything against emojis but im just too lazy to use them


none. i like indigo


i’m actually pretending to do homework, does that count as work?


You’re singing in the shower/room/wherever you’re alone (for those who don’t, pretend you do) and someone say ‘did you just sing?’ in a curious tone (nothing mocking or any tone). Do you…

  • Scream, run to a corner and cry in fetus position
  • Proudly say ‘Yes!’ and keep on whatever you were singing
  • Pretend you didn’t and say ‘Maybe someone did. Wasn’t me.’
  • Confuse the person by convincing the person sang or ask ‘Did you sing?’ or any kind of questions just to distract
  • I’m still not gonna pretend and answer this. I. DON’T. SING.
  • All above
  • Other (comment)

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this happens to me all the time. :joy:


For me if I sing and someone ask I froze :joy: But most of the time I never open my tune mouth


Rarely happens to me, but when it does I’ll probably become red like a tomato :joy: and try to casually say nooooo, knowing that it doesn’t sound very believable. And internally smack my head like a thousand of times.


Kill them

Just kidding xD


Do you like children characters?

  • I like them
  • I don’t like them
  • It depends
  • They’re okay

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I really like Chris to be honest (honestly, i talk about him a bit too much xD)

Suzie was tolerable and funny

Momoko is pretty cute and it’s cool to see a little girl who has Capoeira as their fighting style

But Bao…
Ugh, i’ll prefer not to talk about spawn of Satan. (he is the only child character i despise and i don’t want to talk about my hate for him because i’ll sound edgy. And yes, he IS male)

(also, i know i didn’t mention EVERY child character i could think of but well, sometimes it’s enough)


I like writing them, but I don’t always like reading them >.<