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For me I focus on their personality but have that mind of kid to the world.


Yeetus that fetus


fetus the yeetus


how can you change you profile picture on here?


Change from main WP then log in here and log out (and then log in).


Would you ever want to be a stay-at-home parent?

  • Yes, it’d be my dream!
  • Depends
  • No, the horror!

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You’re interested in learning a new language so you took a class where there’s an instructor. After lessons done the teacher tries to talk in own language as practice. You…

  • Scream, run to a corner and cry in fetus position (don’t ask. this option must be included)
  • Squint your eyes as all that lesson was a waste for you
  • Speak what you were taught because you really paid attention
  • Speak fluently because from the very beginning you already learned that language and just want to ‘in your face!’ to the teacher
  • I am the teacher (dun dun duuuuuunnnnn! This a joke answer)
  • Not interested in learning languages so pass
  • All above
  • Other (comment)

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I either might learn well or not. It’s hard


Being a parent at all? No thanks! XD


I never learn when I’m in a class. XD




Thought I would make a poll because they’re fun, and I haven’t made one yet :nerd_face:

Would you rather eat chocolate or candy forever?
Those of you who consider chocolate as candy are dead to me okay, fine, I’m just kidding!

  • candy
  • chocolate

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Considering names for a fantasy book;

  • The Blood of Rooks and Ravens (has no sequel title yet )
  • Rook and Magpie (sequel title: Raven Blood)
  • Other (tell meeeee)

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but I also really like that sequel title:raven blood


:grimacing: yeah me too tbh, but alas, it would just sound redundant to use both titles.


Unfortunately, it would :pensive:


i wouldnt care


That’s a good way to get diabetes


i only like chocolate