Polls for Fun



Do you dislike the word ‘ya’?

  • I do
  • I don’t
  • It depends on how and when it’s used
  • I don’t mind it

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For me, it’s not really my favorite word, but it’s kind of boring when someone says ‘ya’ much more than ‘you’. It’s like they’re trying to sound cool or something.

But if someone says ‘ya’ but mean ‘yes’, well, that’s okay. To be honest, i don’t see many people saying ‘ya’ instead of ‘yeah’ or ‘yes’.


I don’t hate ya as much as I hate ya’ll. That word really bugs me for some reason. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯


i get instantly annoyed by anyone who says y’all. in real life it sounds fine though but most people just say it online for some reason. its really just annoying though.


i say it all the time.


You don’t like y’all? ;-;




Which should be destroyed first?

  • The moon
  • The sun
  • Both
  • Neither
  • Why???

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I think Magpie and Rook sounds better than Rook and Magpie. I don’t know why.


if the sun got destroyed wed all die


As much as I enjoy chocolate, I’d get tired of it eventually and want variety, therefore I’m going with candy. Sure, there’s difderent types of chocolate but I’d still get tired of it.


But it will get destroyed





y’alllllllll xD






Hello everyone waves


What about the moon


Same I agree with you.


Because everything ends