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Put in an all-caps NO option. She’s trying her damn best!!


(I literally put that in there to see if anyone would skip the beginning part). :rofl:

I loved her in book one, and that’s sayin’ something, because she’s not exactly an angel there either. But as we go on… it’s not just that she doesn’t get better, she gets worse. So much so that by the time I reached book three, and Katniss was all like “I’m a horrible person”, I was like: “You’re not wrong.”

:confused: I still don’t completely fault her, though. The girl did go through a lot.



But all joking aside, I think that if I edit it now it will delete the previous votes. You’ll just have to settle for “I love that gurl.” Sorry man.


Favorite super-hyped series? (out of the options given)

  • Harry Potter
  • Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus
  • The Hunger Games
  • Twilight
  • Mistborn

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This is a very hard choice, how dare you

I want to say Harry Potter, but I think The Hunger Games shaped my style a lot (for better or for worse), so I have to have my loyalties haha



also what is mistborn?


The best book on that list.

(But if you haven’t heard the hype, that would be because it wasn’t originally published as YA and it’s audience is on average a little older than most of the wattpad demographic).

I highly recommend Mistborn to anyone who has never heard of it.


Ohmigosh I knew I was forgetting something.

I meant to add Game of Thrones. :woman_facepalming:


Katniss is one of the only good YA heroines!


Are you more active in the day or night?

  • Night
  • Day

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This changes depending on my sleep schedule. But at the moment it’s night-morning. xD




Neither :stuck_out_tongue: But love triangles are a bit peeve of mine. Like just have a poly relationship and I’ll be happy, no war, peace! :v: :rofl:

But honestly, all of them :sob: Except never heard Mistborn


I like to think night but school forces me to be more active during the day & sleep at night :sob:


You ppl are making me sad. Go read it!



  • endgame who? (you disappoint me)

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2nd trailer has come out!!!


i never heard of it



you disappoint me. (jk! xD)



HOW. Just how.

(it’s the next avengers movie… and it’s gonna be a ride, that’s for sure).


cuz im dumb