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Just basically what you meant by it I suppose. I think I kinda got it, but… who knows? XD


Why do none of the fruit polls have Kiwi Fruit?? Have you guys never had them before? =O


Yes but Mormons are very different from Christians. My moms best friend as an ex Mormon and now Christian can tell you why they are so different. I kept them separate so people know the specific beliefs.




Because I didn’t consider it “exotic”, I guess! XD It’s kinda just every day, for me.


I love some bands you put :sob:


Do you think potatoes are a vegetable?

  • Obviously, duh!
  • Yes
  • No
  • You cannibal! They’re human like us!

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This one took careful consideration :thinking: :joy:


I was doing a quick poll. Not a super long detailed one with every single religion. I didn’t bundle any. I just did a quick one because there were some of us who are Christian but couldn’t choose an option on a previous poll because it was wrong.


When I speak of Christianity, I speak of those who believe Jesus is God. Those who believe He is like and coming back, that the Bible is the word. Those who follow Jesus and the Bible. Also, those who believe in the Holy Trinity. I could get more detailed if needed, but it was just a quick poll at the time.


Hmm… I was going to write a book with characters all named after herbs and spices! There was also another one where they were all named after colours, no matter how obscure. And then there was one just based on combinations of letters I wrote for a… assignment(?) I did one day! Uh, then of course there’s names based on meanings, names based on different languages (praise google translate), and stuff!




I’m firmly in the “potatoes are vegetables” club, but fun fact: nutritionally, they’re practically bread


True that


In certain parts old

in others new


What, really? :astonished: My life has been a lie!


Death cab for cutie <3


I’m thinking of changing my book title to something more interesting. Please help me. I don’t know what to choose.T_T

  • The First of Her Name
  • Inception of the Queen

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Do you like ferrets?

  • Yes
  • No

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Ferrets are cute but mean. The two users on here I know with ferret-themed names and profiles I like tho lol