Possible way to get rid of the spammers and weirdos who think this is a dating site?

I had a thought earlier about how a lot of people, especially women with their real face in their pfp experience weird men in their PMs trying to get at them. Then the spammers, who blow up our inboxes with promises of publishing if we’d just join dreame/ficfun/sofanovel/whatevertheyreselling.

Why not just implement a timing system of some sort. You have to verify your account before you can do some stuff on wattpad, why not take it a step further and make it so new users cannot message people for 72 hours after they’ve verified their account? It may slow down the creepy dudes and poachers if they have to wait three days everytime they make a new account to harrass people.

AND/OR a system where they have to upload a story part, or read 2-3 chapters of any story or however much before they can earn the ability? Given that most of the poachers and creepy people aren’t here for actual reading and writing and join primarily to message people, it would slow them down from signing up and automatically able to harrass people within five minutes.

I don’t know if it could work, but I know some sites have a waiting period before you’re allowed to do certain things.

I second this.


Ok, this is genius! I support that!

It’s almost like bringing the forum’s trust system to the actual site. Reach a level and you’re allowed to do certain things.


I didn’t think of that, but yeah. Earn priviledges by doing stuff the site is meant to do - read or write.


You know how many people it would piss off? If you couldn’t pm without reading or POSTING some writing… Some people write entire stories before posting them.

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On a few apps I have. There is an option where you can set it so people can’t pm unless you follow them


Not a whole story, but a story part. Or they have to read someone elses stuff (a small amount). I mean, isn’t that the entire point of the site, reading and/or writing?


So like they can follow you and try to pm all they want. But if you don’t follow them back they can’t actually message

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Yeah if someone is here to write and doesn’t post the story part right away. I have a few stories that I start but never post

How about making it a week instead of 3 days?

Legitimate accounts can wait a week, I think.

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But if they don’t post it here and don’t read… then I don’t see the point why they would be on Wattpad. That’s the whole point of this site. Lol


They post it later?

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Not everyone posts right away

I can see the appeal but then you’re losing out on people trying to tell you things that may be necessary like someones posting your story elsewhere, or something else you’d may want to read, like silent readers who message gushing about how they love your story, etc. I’d like to get rid of the dreame people who have started to message me more often, but not at the expense of everyone else on wattpad but fifty people I follow. Maybe other people feel differently idk.

Doesn’t have to be read AND upload. Most of this site never uploads anything. It’d be read or upload. If they don’t plan to upload but want to use messaging system, spend five minutes reading 2-3 chapters of a story on the home page. Seems a simple bypass.

It wouldn’t matter to me how long it is, only that its longer than a day, maybe two. Just to deter people who are trying to get to A to B fast. Slow them down and they may get bored or annoyed eventually and abandon ship.


Well, yes of course. That’s legitimate, but then, what do they do on the meantime? If not read other Wattpad books. In that case, I don’t see why they would need the message feature for. If they’re not reading or being active they probably have no one to message anyway. Lol


BUT what if they don’t want to read. There are people here that just write… Like I said that wouldn’t work.

Then it really wouldn’t work if it’s such a simple bypass. They can just a quick scroll through a few chapters. So it wouldn’t be effective at all. There’re creeps on KIK that will wait the 24 hours of “Kik jail” before posting a dick pic into a public group If it’s a simple bypass it wouldn’t work at all

If you cared about their feedback you’d be following them in the first place

A week would be a good amount of time, I think.

I think you’re not making a difference between AND & OR. And means both things need to happen. Or, is one or the other. If they do one of the two, they’d be allowed to message.

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I think you’re not understanding what I am saying :wink: The or. they don’t want to read. But haven’t posted anything yet.

There’s people I pm soully for something that happened on Forums. If I wasn’t a reader and hadn’t posted any of my works yet. i wouldn’t be able to message them