Post A Funny Scene From Your Story

Well I am bored, and can go for a laugh and all.

So as the topic said, post a funny scene from your story.

Comment, discuss, have fun ^^

This isn’t a critique thread.

Casual discussion thread as well, have fun, post funny parts, discuss, etc.

Dang. But you’ve seen most of my funny scenes XD

(also, commenting to make sure this actually appears on my tracking list XD)

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I just made this thread like two seconds ago XD

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I have the character game threads on watching so I get notified when one is made :joy:

Will put up a scene when I’m on my computer or have decent internet :wink:

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Oh damn, you can do that? That’s pretty cool lol

Also what do you think of the new wattpad interface?

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There’s a new wattpad interface?

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Also, here’s a scene:

Leo kicked open the door into Amneris’s office. She was engrossed in one of the many household checks. He knew just how expensive those things could get. He dumped the large stack of papers he was holding and made to quickly leave before she noticed her was there. He reached the door and it slammed in his face. Fuck . He turned back to his queen. She pointed at him with her pen then pointed at the chair in front of her desk. “Sit.” He sat.

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A banging noise caught his attention. The source of it made him laugh. “You’ll break the table again.”

She lifted her head from the table. “I seriously can’t take paperwork anymore. Five thousand years of it! What idiot invented this stuff?” She placed down the pen and rolled her wrists irritably. “I’m getting all stiff and I’m hungry and I want a drink and I don’t wanna be in this room anymore.” She pouted.

Leo groaned, rolling his eyes. This happened every time. “You have magic. Use it.”

She gave him a look of disbelief. “First, he says I can’t use it, now he says I should use it. Make up your mind.”

He snapped his fingers. A plate full of crackers and fruit appeared on top of the paper in front of her. She clapped her hands like an excited child and dug in. “You can use it for small things like getting food, not large things like causing explosions and creating black holes.”

“Killjoy,” she muttered. “And the black hole thing was one time. The sun in that particular lifeless system tried to eat me!”

later again:

“Did she try to kill you?” Zoe asked.

In this household that was a totally normal question. He shook his head. “No. She said she wouldn’t kill unless Jay went in there.”

“I shall stay out here,” Jay decided, dumping his book on the low-lying table. “I value my life.”

“Afterlife,” Dan corrected, picking up the book. He gave Jay a questioning look. “Where did you even get this?”

Carmin took the book out of her husband’s hands. “How do you read this stuff?”

“Unlike you, vision girl, I have taste,” Jay replied. The Dragonoids looked at each other and simultaneously shook their heads.

Leo glanced over to read the title. Whatever it was, it sounded like romance. He made a vomiting gesture. Jay took the book back from Carmin and threw it at him. It bounced off the ebony shield he created. The assassin flipped off the general.

Oh god, I actually have a funny idea in mind for a scene like this XD

In a bonus scene, it is mentioned that Valor says something about the MC needing anger management classes, I was thinking that for an extra scene, he’s the one teaching the class, and she ends up there. Only for her to take over the class, putting him in a seat, and beginning from lesson one of the demon way of life XD

He would be like this to a student.

“Ssshhh…the teacher will be mad at us…:persevere:


Also, yeah, they added new things, it isn’t easier to navigate, just seems like more options.


Also you will recognize this scene, it is more or less an extended version.


The Iconoclast and Rose disappears immediately, and from high in the air they clash with great intensity. The maiden using the very waves of the fallen Seraph to keep airborne. Truly she is a force to fear. Her power rising by the moment.

The Iconoclast and Rose flies around the field, barraging each other with a flurry of assaults. Each attack deflecting the next. Shockwaves ripping through entire area.

“I will surpass you!” Rose yells.

She lunges at the Iconoclast with a fierce uppercut. The maiden calmly evades the assault by turning slightly. The assault slices through the dimension, creating a rift.

The Iconoclast and Rose looks on, seeing Valor and the Iguana on top the castle walls. The Iguana is standing upon his hind legs with flowers in his jaws. He wags his tail, and Valor is holding his claws.

He sighs, and the Iguana props his head in confusion at the god.

“Ya know, this isn’t making things any easier,” Valor looks at the Iguana unamused.

The Iguana lets out some sounds, urging him to continue on.

“Um…Valor…?” the Iconoclast props her head in confusion.

Valor immediately freezes, and slowly looks towards his left. The Iguana looks in the direction, and continue to wag his tail. They see the maiden and the fallen Seraph looking at them speechlessly.

“This is a bit awkward…” Valor glances away.

“Do we…need to talk about something, Valor…?” the Iconoclast asks in some concern.

Valor looks down to the Iguana, then back to the maiden.

“Never-mind me…”

He notices that the pressure the maiden is exerting is much different than before. That familiar energy causes him to take a step towards her.

“Have you…really returned…?” his voice expressing some hope.

She places her hand upon her waist.

“Well, almost, my memories have still not returned entirely. I don’t even know my own name,” she informs him.

To hear that, it fills him with joy. To see that she has almost completely returned, just a bit more, and those words can finally be spoken. A promise that has transcended time itself.

“Now then, mind explaining on your…new found relationship?” the Iconoclast folds her arms.

Valor kneels to the Iguana and lifts him. He then faces the maiden.

“Never mind me, I should go and give you two some time alone…” Valor looks away.

“Excuse me…?” the Iconoclast and Rose retorts.

“I—I get it ya know, it’s a breakup. Fernandez and I will give you two some privacy,” he quickly walks away from the scene.

“I am seriously going to carve my mark into his hide…” deep frustration expresses from the maiden as the rift close.

Can’t read it. I’m in a car :sob:

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Well, it will be there for when you can safely read.

Remember kids, don’t read and drive, and especially don’t duel and drive.

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couldnt help it XD

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I just know some day, someone will be crazy enough to invent that. You know how they have racing competitions? Turbo duels might be a thing in the future XD

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Waaaay ahead of you. It’s called Duel Links

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If only duel links put in a separate turbo duel feature, it might have been pretty cool to continue to play.

Oh, you can turbo duel. It’s an event thing

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They actually added it?

Huh…might return to the game then.

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Turbo duel against the Dark Signers and Earthbound Immortals. I’m currently in Dark Side Of Dimensions mode and am trying to beat the Plana

Also, if you go back to the game, send me a friend request :eyes:

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They are pretty far behind, their updates seems to be taking forever. 5D’s was added to that game for quite some time now.

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