Post A Scene of How You Kill Someone(In Your Story)


As the topic states, post a scene of how you kill someone ‘In your story’

I am not acting as some kinda witness :joy:

Joking aside, well then, that’s the topic.

Post a scene, have fun, only rule is to post it under a summary tag like this


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This isn’t a thread to point out errors, to improve, or whatnot. It’s just a thread to have fun and that’s all ^^

If you wish though, you can request opinions on it, but that is the choice of the person at hand, so respect it all I say.

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The horse reared, adding to the chaos as it lashed out blindly with its hooves. One clipped the shoulder of a half-elf who Millie recognized from the war. He was still wearing the damn blue coat, eight years later. He spun, clutching his shoulder, and caught a tomahawk in the forehead. He blinked and looked at the handle that stuck out in front of him, eyes crossing. But Millie didn’t stay to watch.


Well someone got “axed”


Get it?



“Rebeka. We need to leave. You heard Lyria.” Katherin spoke. She kept her voice even, swallowing down the dread rising into her throat. There were too many of them. The zombies would surround them in a manner of minutes.
Blood covered the zombie’s worn shirts. Skin had been collected underneath their overgrown nails. Remains of people who had tried to escape from the terror befalling their nation. Katherin clutched the necklace Esther had given her. They were going to die. Katherin never got to say goodbye.
“It’s my brother.” Rebeka responded. She spoke with conviction, a smile playing on her lips as she walked towards a familiar face. “He’s here to save us. They just came back from Afghanistan. We don’t have to be afraid anymore.”
Katherin watched in horror as Rebeka moved to hold her brother in an embrace She was frozen; unable to process the situation she was in. The older boy stiffened. Katherin relaced. It was okay. The internet had been lying; a ruse to keep people indoors. A sickening prank, of sorts. But what about Lyria? She must have seen something else. Her parents and sister must have been attacked by wild dogs. That made sense. Lyria could have just been imagining the zombies to ease her suffering.
The boy bared his teeth and sunk them down onto Rebeka’s flesh.
The others circled in. Rebeka didn’t move or fight them off. She wailed as they advanced on her, biting at her skin and pulling at her insides. Their nails drew red lines down her skin and sliced through clothing. Blood ran down Rebeka’s shoulder and pooled at the floor. There was so much blood. Too much.
There was nothing Katherin could do. She felt bile rising in her throat. It was horrible. Katherin forced herself to look away. She needed to leave, or she’d be next.

A scene from To Fall for an Angel


The Hind lurched and accelerated away from the Lynx.

‘What on earth are you doing, Radnor?’ Ivanov yelled as the Hind gathered speed and began to climb.

‘Avoiding Edgar’s surprise,’ Radnor replied. ‘The bastard had us cold.’

‘What?’ Ivanov shouted.

‘Look behind us, to the west!’ Radnor snapped. ‘I can’t out run it. We have to dive.’

Ivanov twisted around, peered over the Hind’s port wing and his mouth dropped open. ‘May God be merciful.’

A flash of sheet lightning lit up the twilight sky. The Hind twisted and spun on its nose as a wall of thick rolling clouds inhaled the hapless gunship.

‘I can’t see anything!’ Radnor screamed as a fork lightning pierced the swamp-black clouds smothering their Hind.

‘Try to keep our nose up and cut the throttle,’ Ivanov called back. ‘We can’t fight this.’

‘Where is up? I can’t see passed my arms.’ Radnor yelped as hail stones railed against the Hind’s canopy. ‘The storm’s too strong. The Perspex can’t hold.’

‘It will hold,’ Ivanov growled as several spider web cracks spread across the armoured wind-shields. ‘I refuse to die in an airborne ice–’

‘No!’ Radnor gasped as brilliant warning lights lit up the Hind’s canopy. ‘We’re losing the turbines. The blades are pushing them around too fast.’

Ivanov crossed his arms and gripped his straps. ‘Detach the rotors! Kill the engines!’

‘It’s too late, they’re–Ah!’ The Hind bucked and a rotten crack cut-off Radnor’s cry.

‘Radnor!’ Ivanov shouted as several master alarms blared into life. ‘Answer me, damn–’

Ivanov covered his face as the sunset’s glare filled his canopy. His eyes glanced up at the belly of the storm surging overhead. Two thick trails of smoke streamed out of the engines passed the empty rotor hub. Ivanov then peered over the rim of his rain-streaked canopy and sighed as the vast grasslands spiralled up towards him. ‘So, this is how it ends.’

A scene from One Army, Many Tribes


‘They’re here,’ Yasmine’s voice called from the shadows. ‘Hind Two, turn on your landing lights so Karen and her friends can see you.’

Jason turned back to the stairwell as Karen appeared by Yasmine’s side.

‘Are you ready, Yasmine?’ Karen asked. ‘Elli has their child. I need you to help Julia to the helicopter. She is still tired.’

Yasmine slung her suppressed CAR-15 over her back. ‘We don’t have time for being tired. I’ll carry her.’

‘No you won’t,’ Julia snarled as she staggered onto the roof. ‘I can see the gunship. I’ll go by myself.’

Jason joined Yasmine’s group as they advanced towards the illuminated Hind, then he called into his radio, ‘Polanski, Karl, fall back to Hind Two. Everyone stay alert!’

The Hind’s cabin doors opened with a sharp mechanical whine and two commandos scurried inside. Polanski took the child from Elli’s arms and then Karl reached down and lifted the Spaniard into the cabin.

‘You’re next, Julia,’ Jason shouted as the Hind’s turbines coughed into life. ‘We don’t have any cushioned seats, but it’s only–’

A thick crimson liquid splattered across Karen’s face and Julia slumped against her.

‘Sniper!’ Jason pounded his fist against the pilot’s canopy as Julia’s form crumpled onto the concrete. ‘Take-off, now! Another Hind will pick us up.’

A deep booming roar filled the sky as the gunship lurched into the air.

‘Yasmine to all Hinds,’ Yasmine shouted into her radio over the fleeing gunship’s turbines. ‘Julia is down. Sweep all the tall buildings west of us. Bring the sniper to me. I’m going to skin him alive.’

‘Karen, are you hurt?’ Jason yelled as he gripped her shoulder. ‘Are you okay?’

Karen flinched and gazed back at him. ‘Julia?’

‘Lie down,’ Jason said. ‘Don’t give the sniper another target.’

Karen nodded and collapsed into Jason’s arms.

‘Oh-great,’ Jason breathed as he lowered Karen onto the landing pad. ‘She’s in shock.’

‘Julia is dead,’ Yasmine whispered next to him. ‘One bullet; in through her right temple and out behind her left ear. The sniper missed Karen by two centimetres.’

You’re sure about that?


Oh! I so called it!


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Do you know the HM Dive? Hm?


Yep, that’s how it ends.


Oh this is never a good sign


Sniper, a creative way to go about things.


I’ll have to pull out one of mine. It’s very and really sad though.

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This is a scene from a current WIP.
It is R18.


from Assorted Atrocities [a WIP]

If it weren't for the faintest of reflections in the hallways littered with broken glass, Nick was confident he would be dead. He dropped down and rolled just as the man came at him from around the corner. Nick was fast, but so was this man. He quickly swiveled around and flipped the blade around in his hand. He paused as though he wanted Nick to know the face of the man sent to kill him. White hair crowned his head, and pinkish eyes glimmered at him like a snake. This man was The Albino. Nick stanced up, but The Albino had rushed him already.

Nick dodged to the right, barely avoiding the lethal arc of The Albino's swing. The large blade went whooshing past him, all dark and chrome. Nick grabbed the forearm and pulled hard. The Albino recognized this. His right arm now tucked under Nick's, he dropped the knife and used the momentum of the pull to turn him. His left arm became a rocket to Nick's gut. It knocked the wind out of Nick's lungs, and he curled over, gasping for air. The Albino calmly slipped his arm free and took Nick's head in his hands. He took a quick step back and threw his knees up. Nick was still gasping, but he put his hands up and caught the knee by a hair. The Albino sighed and swiftly threw both elbows down on Nick's head. He jerked and dropped his hands. Nick was getting fuzzy. He had to keep going, but he was losing focus. Nick was forcing himself up when The Albino took a knee to the temple. His vision went white, and he fell on his ass. The Albino stood above Nick, and when he tried to get up, The Albino let him know no more by smashing Nick's face with his boot.

Nick tried to move, but his brain was no longer in touch with his extremities. He could hear glass crunching as the Albino walked over to his knife and picked it up. Nick's heart was racing. He tried to get up and managed to get up on his shoulders when a boot stomped his chest and pinned him to the ground. He struggled under it, grabbing at The Albino's leg. It was useless. The Albino put all his weight into a kneel that pinned Nick under him. He took Nick by the hair and slammed his head into the ground once, twice, Nick lost count. His vision had gone tunnel. The Albino released his head, and Nick choked on his dry throat. He saw The Albino gripping his knife and holding it in his hands high above his head. Nick could see his reflection in the bloodgutter. It wasn't pretty. Nick could only shake his head at the man that had him pinned. No, he begged, not like this. The Albino flatly said: "Think of it this way, at least now you get to leave." Nick watched The Albino bring the knife down. It penetrated his skull just above the left eye; the blade buried little more than halfway. Nick's eyes looked at nothingness, and he took a final agonal breath. The Albino stood and dusted himself off. He put a foot on Nick's head and held it down as he yanked his knife from Nick's head. A pulsating flow of blood gushed from the wound and flowed down his still face; polluting his dead eyes. The Albino watched with a look of mirth on his lips. He wiped the blade clean on his shirt and slid it back into a sheath. It was time to visit the Malt Shoppe.

She leaned back groggily, smiling like the psychopath she was. Then she eyed me with envy and lunged. I drifted out of the way on instinct, and it was only when her screams echoed around the canyon that I realized the weight of what I’d done.

I took this from my book actually so I kinda cheated…


Railynn dropped to the ground, sliding into his legs. The cold snow burned against her too thin clothes. Pik tumbled to the ground, already kicking at her as he lay on his side. Her body screamed in protest as the iron of his armor burned against her skin. It sucked the energy from her body. Pik flipped her over onto her back and pinned her to the ground. His eyes were wild as he looked her over. Railynn saw recognition flash across his face. She smiled her cat-like grin up at him and bared her teeth.

“15,” she hissed. Her palm burned in pain, as she gripped the iron arrow, meant for the Captain. She used every ounce of energy she had left to bury the tip of the arrow into his neck. Pik’s body fell limp. He covered half of her, with his crushing weight and horrible metal armor. Darkness crept into her vision, like two dark curtains closing on a stage. She watched as the night sky disappeared, and the world went silent. A satisfied smile still plastered on her lips.

Parody of the extract, ‘of mice and men’

I really recommend you at least look at this, it took 10 minutes :smile:


“Tell me the part about the mice” Lennie said giddily. He looked out into the coast, smiling from ear to ear, as if he were a child on Christmas.

“uhh, you know it better than me, Lennie” George spits, barely managing to get the words out.

“No George, You tell me. I want to hear it from you, George. Like you always do. Tell the story George, tell it.”

“well, uh, we’ll have all the m- mice we want in our farm”

“Yeah! all the mice for me, George. and what about the flowers? talk about the flowers George!”

“There’ll be a beautiful flower garden, with all the colours in it-” a tear goes down George’s cheek as Lennie takes over the story.

“yeah, George! With blue, and yellow, and red, and purple. And blue. and we’ll live the rest of our days there when we retire” Lennie reaches his arm out, as if he were holding a mouse in his hand. In his head, he’s in his dream house already, he’s peaceful. " And every morning we’ll go to the sea and fish for our food. And we’ll have puppies, so many puppies that we won’t have anywhere to sleep! And I can hug them and pet them as much as I want. And they can play in the…"


“Flowers” George finishes, wiping the tears off his face. ‘I had to do it’ he tells himself, ‘I had to’, and yet he doesn’t believe it. He doesn’t believe it when he kicks Lennie’s cold dead body into the sea, and still when he dumps the gun behind a tree.

And George still doesn’t believe it as he skips away, singing “Ding Dong, the Retards Dead”

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Oh damn


I am conflicted now, Lennie’s death in the book was really tragic, this here makes me laugh.

I am a horrible person :neutral_face:

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It’s a skill to make something tragic an absolute joke :smile:

when I read the real scene I actually cried lol

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You know how hard it was for George to do that to Lennie, but he just couldn’t keep sacrificing his life any longer, and he held onto that promise to take care of the guy.

That scene still tears me apart today lol

Since you also will know that decision will forever haunt George, but he didn’t have another choice given the time period and all.


Dan would already have died if it wasn’t for Shaun. He’d taken a shot already, but Shaun had three, including one in his leg.

Dan heard the slap of feet behind him, and he saw the axeman running down the stairs right behind him. Shaun glanced back, then carefully looked at Dan, conveying the information quickly.

“No.” Dan panted. But it was too late. Shaun had left his side to block the axeman.

He heard a thump, a cry of pain, and then a wet slap on the floor. Holding in a cry, he jumped down to ground floor and charged through the door. He made it to the car and started the engine. Looking back, he saw the eyes of his friend staring back at him.

He floored the pedal, tearing his gaze away. The building in front of him had a side road he could drive through. He had made it. He had-
There was a ton of glass showering him, and an ax came flying, end over end, right through the steering wheel, cutting it into two.

There was barely time to get out. The brick wall came rushing, faster than he could react, and a jarring impact left his head feeling like it was going to be torn off.

As the heat surrounded him, he unlocked the door, but it was too late. Flames had engulfed him. He thought how sad it was that nobody would remem-

He thought no more.

haven’t exactly written the scene yet but I do have the basic idea on how it goes.

Just a warning, it’s a bit dark.


A guy’s girlfriend and him are having a passion night when she quickly leaves to get something out of the car. Getting some kind of idea in his head he starts playing some Marvin Gaye. He quickly goes into the kitchen to eat something when he hears the door open, and then locked. Assuming it was his girlfriend he says “Dang that was quick. Now how about you and I make our way to the bed…who the heck are you?”

This intruder then grabs him and smashes his head through the glass table. As he tries to get up she punches him again and again, eventually grabbing him by the shirt collar. “Why are you doing this?” he asks as the person walks towards the window with him.

She says nothing before throwing him out of the window, off of the 15th floor of an apartment building. A girl is walking by and sees the man falling and tries to save him but fails. he lands on the roof of a car and dies from his injuries.

The girlfriend is in the middle of riding the elevator so she doesn’t find out about this. In fact, when she tries to reenter the door is locked, and since she can’t remember what she did with the spare key she just leaves, texting him she’ll see him tomorrow.

For something a bit different. Here’s a discussion between characters about how a young girl died saving her friend…From the first chapter of Goddess v2.0


‘This is the Kibbutz girl, Aviva,’ Krista said. ‘She died. That’s why you became angry when I teased you about her.’ Krista shivered and leant against Dov’s side, wrapping her arms around his waist. ‘I’m sorry.’

Dov draped his arm over Krista’s shoulders. ‘I was upset with myself, not you. Aviva befriended me, gave me a title, and I failed to protect her.’

Krista rested her cheek against Dov’s stomach. ‘Please tell me how Aviva died.’

‘Think of this as a mitzvah,’ Polanski said as the exhausted Australian glanced towards the theatre’s doors. ‘We will all owe you a favour.’

Dov sighed and began stroking Krista’s hair. ‘I knew Aviva for almost a month. After our first meeting she became my shadow. Always by my side or on my back while I worked in the gardens. One morning we were mending the permitter fence and the Code Red sounded. I held Aviva against my chest and ran to a shelter. The door was rusted shut. Aviv climbed to my left side as I ran to another shelter then the rocket struck a tree next to us. The blast crippled my arm and took Aviva.’

Krista sniffed back a stray tear. ‘What was Aviva’s name for you?’

‘Achi Shelly,’ Dov replied. ‘No one told me what it meant.’

‘Brother of mine,’ Krista whispered. ‘You did not fail to protect Aviva because she was protecting you. The brother she loved.’

A part from The Young Mercenary


I had to retreat. I had no other choice. But this guy did earn my respect, he put up a fight.

???: “You failed your mission.”

I turned around and I found my coordinator.

Me: “Hello, sir. Why are you here?”

???: “I saw you fail. We don’t need failures here.”

He then draws a pistol and shoots me a few times. I fell down in pain and now had the pistol in my face.

???: “Sorry, kid. It’s just business.”

I close my eyes. This is the end.

Bang bang bang bang bang bang

I heard gun shots, but it was not from the direction I was expecting. I opened my eyes to see that he was dead. I then heard footsteps coming to my position. Everything soon went black before I saw them.

This sounds fun! I’ll take my shot at it.


Alexander watched the crowds as he felt as if someone was watching him, he just simply brushed it off as him being paranoid, but he shouldn’t have, which would be his final mistake. Seeing the relaxation of last of his targets, William aimed for his head and took the shot, watching as the bullet whizzed past the bustling crowds and landing in the back of Alexander’s head. The corpse fell to the ground and a person saw and started screaming and running, leading to more people to cause chaos, letting him slip away and leave the scene. Alexander was dead, as was Cassie, Micheal, and Terry, and the contract was fulfilled. All William had to wait for was payment from the contractor.