Post Chapter Title And Take A Guess


I have a fun game in mind. By the way, this is only eligible for writers who have chapter titles.

With this out of the way.

Post a chapter title, and the person below will try and guess based on the impression it gives them. They will try and see if they can determine the state of the chapter impact wise, amongst any other things that comes to their interest.

Finale 2- Deepest Desires-Heaven and Earth

Alright, now the game can begin ^^

For starters, I really love the title! It gives me two vibes:

  1. If it’s a fantasy story, it would be an epic final battle between the protagonists and the antagonists.

  2. Disregarding the fantasy idea, it could possibly be the main character having to choose between making an extremely selfless decision (Heavenly decision) or doing something completely selfish that would save them from harm whether it be social harm, physical harm, or emotional (Earthly decision).

No matter what, this chapter would be SUPER pivotal to the story!

Here’s my title:

I Found You

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Final epic battle yes, but against the antagonist? No, something devastating.

Actually, add back the fantasy tag, and you got this pretty much right. It is both selfless and a selfish decision.

And you’re right, this is a critical chapter within the story. Where all the events comes together for the book, and even some implied points from the first.

Now as for yours.


I have a few genres in mind this can work for.




Fantasy- This can imply that it has been a long adventure. Where possibly two old friends have been in separation. One who has been pursued, the other that pursues.

Romance- This can be divided into two things. Let’s see, one it can be the usual finding the significant other supposedly. Two, the more complex route where they are searching for something deep within themselves.

Horror- Can probably be a mystery horror. Where the supposed entity, person, and so on has been hunting down the leading character. Where they are trapped, and have to find a way out before I don’t know daylight?

Finale 2: Bringer of Demise-The Iconoclast!

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Yo, you’re actually super close with the horror genre! What happens is that the main character (who the book is written in the POV of) is losing his sanity and we, the readers, are the ones that he “finds,” becoming highly aware of our presence.

As for your second chapter title, boy, oh, boy, do I have a theory for you, bro:

So, one of the story’s most pivotal aspects is that there’s a society that worships someone or something and the iconoclast would come in and absolutely DESTROY their belief, thus creating some serious chaos within the society. This would be a pretty intense chapter in the novel too!

Red Waterfalls

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You’re close. At the current time period. The one they worship is one and the same. Years ago, the Iconoclast became known throughout the nine worlds as their enemy. Though at the same time, there was also another great power that awakened. Unfortunately for those worshippers, it was also the Iconoclast. So the one who saved them is the one that also damned them are one and the same. It is taken further with an Iconoclast being one who embraces their imperfections and selfish desires, becoming corruption itself. All for the chance to grasp which they most desire. As such they practically challenged the belief of their time, which their birth was an abomination, as such this lead to one conflict after the next. It is towards the final book where they are branded as an Iconoclast, seeing how far they will go, what depths they will fall into to achieve their own end. No one is right or wrong. This chapter is actually a teaser towards the main plot to come. As the current covers their reawakening. So yeah, created some serious chaos.
Red Waterfalls

So horror huh.


I wonder if this is in any relation to the blood river. Still, this can also mean something unsettling in the sense as if it involves the murder of others over an extensive period of time. Perhaps these have been known about, and it is a place of respect? Though if this is horror, I can only guess that these murders happen as a result of the one that hunts them. Giving the waterfall its name.

Chapter 3: Those Who Regret

This is probably about a lost group of people, with deep regrets about a certain thing.

Here’s mine, which I’m still working on:
Chapter 2: the Princesses Dragon

The princess has a pet dragon. Maybe it protects her? Maybe she uses it to scare people off? I’m guessing it is chapter two this is the introduction to the dragon. It also kinda gives me shrek vibes with Fiona in the tower with the dragon, which I love btw lmao. Idk I’m not the best at this.

Chapter 4: Pizza, tears and a friendly stranger

Good guess! The dragon actually kidnaps the princess, but only because his species worships her, or rather, the sundrop powers she holds. (This is a Tangled fanfic, so the princess is Rapunzel!)

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Oh wow that sounds so interesting! I absolutely love rapunzel, she is my favourite of the Disney princesses ahaha so I might have to give this a read

Having someone in a bad mood, their ratting pizza in a pizza places and a friendly stranger see that their down and goes to them and ask them whats wrong. So that someone tells them and soon starts to cry?
Story: The Gypsy Sou

Chapter 4: I Told Him To Stay Away!

Close! The girl (Natasha) is having a shitty night so she gets drunk and orders a pizza, then has a bad argument with her dad so she is crying when the pizza girl shows up. Natasha ends up inviting her in and they have a sleepover and become best friends lmao. Seems a bit cheesy or cringey when I explain it like that but oh well haha

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Someone doesn’t want someone to get close in order to protect themselves or said, person.

My Turn:

Chapter One: Child of Red.

Kay, I have a feeling this chapter is about blood… death… despair etc. A major setting up for the story where an extremely important event happens… And that it may be a fantasy book? Maybe?

Here’s one of mine:
Chapter 49: Alphas and Annoyance

Not really but it is fantasy though.

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Haha! XD Well, close! :grin: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hmm, sounds like something you’d find in a werewolf romance story. Perhaps a fight takes place? The main characters have an argument?

This is mine:

Part 1. I Dream of Snakes and Bracelets


Haha, I knew it would work! :grin:
It’s actually from an Epic Fantasy (no were-wolves) a verbal agreement/argument/fight between two leaders take place however, only one of the characters could be considered an MC (however, they’re not one of the two main MCs). So, close… But not quite. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It’s alright, I intentionally chose this one to throw people off. :joy:

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Yup pretty much lol

WELL, I first thought of someone dreaming about someone performing a dance then they have to fight snakes.

Chapter: Letting Go

This sounds like a chapter about someone who breaks up with a loved one.

Chapter 52: Advise Me, Father, For I’m Confused

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