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Interesting insights? Questions or answers you want to continue chewing on here? The other post is now closed so continue here!


I am so glad we can get our voices heard with these AMAs :slight_smile:


Me too! And I know HQ is loving it as well :slight_smile:


In case he left before reading my reply:

Personally, I want to see more specifically aimed at hobbyists. Most of those are on the Amb profiles and only for newly written short stories… When I say something similar to the Wattys, I mean I can enter a book I’ve already written in whatever time frame picked for the competition, and it’s site-wide so more than 50 people actually read the winner announcement. But I don’t want so many strings attached. I just want my work judged, and a nice prize if I earned it, like a featured spot on Wattpad Picks–a.k.a something bigger than just a shoutout in a competition book.

I’ll be curious to see what oppotunities will be available in the future for us hobbyists.:smile: :ivan:


Some good questions everyone! I’ll be able to read more in depth when I get home.

Thanks again @uncleL for organizing these. It’s nice to be able to feel connected to HQ for even a short time.


As a fellow hobbyist, I was fairly disappointed when I saw the prizes for the Watty’s.

It’s one of the reasons I didn’t enter this year.

Did you feel the same way?


Yeah, I did. I was angry, honestly. This was the first year I had a story truly blow up with reads, and most chapters have an over 80% retention rate. I had high hopes for the Wattys, but then I read the new rules and it was like someone had popped my bubble with a needle LOL


I hope this isn’t the start of a trend where hobbyists are excluded from the site.

Things like these make me feel like I’m not serious enough about writing to be here.

Like this? :nick:


Exactly :joy:


After some of my stories blew up over this past year and last year, someone I know privately messaged me and suggested I look into the stars program. I laughed at the idea. I can’t take my writing seriously and I love my anonymity too much. It would be nice if there were more opportunities for hobbyists… I lost my train of thought.


Totally random question but when can we get a dark mode theme (like YouTube) on the website and the mobile app? Scrolling with a light theme at night kind hurts my eyes because it’s quite bright.

I guess it would also help save some of the battery life? That would be great too.


I’m an old codger, so I’m at a loss here. To what does ‘hobbyist’ refer in this context?


As in, I don’t want to be published by a publishing house or want to pursue self publishing; also I don’t want my work pitched to production houses for the big screen.

I consider Wattpad and writing a hobby.


Darn it! I’m always so late TvT But my only question is if WP will spotlight all ambs run profiles from their social media, the community book, etc…

If it’s a lot of time I understand the rejection but the community book definitely needs update on it (and need more follows as WP followed a few ambs run profiles :sweat_smile:)


@ZonderZorg Michael!!! :sparkling_heart: So happy to see you here =]


Can someone please drop me the closed thread link? It seems that I missed it :disappointed:



Thanks a lot, Angel @Angelic_Vamp :heart:


@ZonderZorg You can to person who is very interested in a particular hobby and spends a lot of time on it as a hobbyist.

Hope this helps, Michael :slight_smile:


Could you please elaborate on this? I found they have prizes rather than stickers which is a good start.