Post Your Cover and Guess the Storyline Above Yours

Hey everyone! Here’s how it works. You have to post the cover of your story and guess the storyline based on the cover of the post above yours. Simple, eh?

Please be polite to your fellow writers. Rudeness and bullying will not be tolerated.

Idea from @Cross-Warrior


There’s nobody above me! So here’s my cover to start it?

The quality is a bit grainy, like an old photo, and the fonts are hard to read–especially the author’s name which is very tiny. I’m getting sci-fi vibes here, something with a desert world where people have to bring back a source of life.



I’m guessing a dystopian/fantasy style plot!

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You are mostly right! Can I guess yours anyway? Does it violate the rules? Idc. I’m guessing that “The Last Dance” is a paranormal romance and stars a ballerina/dancer.

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correct! more sci-fi than fantasy though, but dystopian for sure.

I’m guessing a thriller/fantasy theme going on. Someone has to save something and they have mystical powers.


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Ah good! XD I’m usually terrible at guessing. And nope, you can give feedback on anyone’s cover.

And you are very close, except it’s Irish dance and not ballet. :wink:

Dang it! I was going to guess that but then I doubted myself! Agh, I should’ve trusted from your username.

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This one looks like a old fashioned mystery that I assume is starring the woman on the cover. I also think the woman falls in love and someone else died.


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Hmm, interesting thought there. Never would have guessed that myself haha and I’m the one who’s writing it.

Yours is a good cover, but the model looks a bit out of proportion. However, the style is very old-school and professional looking. I’m getting mystery vibes here.

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I like the images used and the feel they give. I’m thinking stage/Phantom of the Opera/theater romance type of thing? However, using collages as covers just fyi doesn’t look that professional. I love the idea, but for a lot of people that just doesn’t go.

Yes! haha I guess my title gave little to guess! I should have done a different cover.

No problem. XD It’s good that we get a feel for the story before starting to read it, right?

That is true! Like yours and Dead World we know what we’re getting into!

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Looks like a photo album. :blush: The story is in the romance genre and the theme is theatre related. Since the title says Lovely Interests, I’m guessing that they fell in love because of their shared interests in theatre or acting.


Nice fonts and color scheme. However, the vibrancy of the glowing skull is really hard on the eyes and distracts from the title. I’m getting horror vibes here based on the cover and title. :slight_smile:


Romance about actors and theatre?

paranormal romance?

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historical, romance, mystery? Some combination of the three?