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I have one I just started for the ONC that is under 500 reads ^^

Heart of a Prince

A “Cinderella” Story



I would love it if you check out my short story…I would have posted my WIP but it has 503 reads lol

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Recovery & Magic

Recovery & Magic

Ever since Meril can remember, fire has been around her. She cannot control it, she doesn’t know what causes it. All she knows is to make her life a living hell. One day, two men find her and tell her she’s a witch. The curse that burns everything around her is magic. They offer a space of healing and a home. A place where Witches and Wizards can go when they are afraid of their magic. Where they can recover from what it does to the user. A warm place for those who have no homes. Or addicted to using and discovering the potential uses that magic can do. For better or worse. Where it’s possible to recover from the damage brought from your own self.

Hi! Here’s the link to my most undiscovered story, Immortal. There’s aliens, LGBTQ+ romance, corona virus stuff, hopefully humor. and I hope you enjoy!

All of mine are <500. :smiley: Take your pick! All LGBT+ fantasy. Always with an optimistic ending no matter what the characters go through to get there. If any of them take your fancy, I’d be honoured. :smiley:

Black Wolf

Black Wolf Blurb

Completed novel!

So what happens if you feel like you belong nowhere… then find out you do belong somewhere… and that place should be impossible? There’s no such thing as magic or werewolves, especially only a few hundred miles north of Toronto, right? And what could be in Jesse’s missing past that would make him fit in there?

Jesse’s been having a tough time at home with his adopted parents, and even life on the streets, with the one friend he trusts, has more appeal. During a particularly bad moment, he finds himself some way north of the city he lives in, and things just keep getting stranger from there: Haven, the village he stumbles over, is not only primarily pagan, but a substantial percentage of the population can do insane things. Like manipulating light into doorways linking places, or fixing injuries with a touch, or changing into wolves.

The early part of his life has been a blank to him as long as he can remember, but the more time he spends in Haven, the more hints there are that a place like this is where he belongs. But how did he come to be alone several years before, with no memory? Is there unfinished business lurking in his past that can come back to haunt him in his new life? And how much danger are his Haven friends in because of him?


Transposition Blurb

During a blackout, a frail and ragged old woman stops to ask for a glass of water from a back yard barbecue party. Given a good supper instead, she looks around the group, and tells them, “Be who and what you truly are.”

Days later, seven of the people from the barbecue find themselves drawn into a trap laid by a pair of wizards and their accomplices, who kidnap them into a bubble reality.

All seven, who have known each other all their lives, are told that they are not in fact entirely human: they have active fae blood, due to a series of conditions culminating with the blessing of the elderly fae woman.

The transformation into fae form comes as a shock: all seven, whether originally female or male, find themselves now unreasonably beautiful women. More urgent even than that, though, is their captivity. Getting back to the real world is a higher priority than this metamorphosis that rapidly begins to feel natural… but this is only the first step, as the type of fae blood each has expresses itself.

With no resources except themselves, how can they escape this prison? If they succeed, how can they possibly reclaim their lives? Just how many other faelings have been kidnapped, anyway? And is there a way to make sure that their captors never put anyone else through this?

Back in the real world, Kayla, who learned long ago to trust her gut instincts, is absolutely certain that something is very wrong. The pattern in the list of missing friends is easy to spot, but makes no sense at all. Then a young woman turns up at the back yard gate who knows more than she should, and even though her explanation makes even less sense, every instinct tells Kayla that Riley is her only way to get them back. If they’re not quite what they were, well, that’s a bridge to cross later…


Yin-Yang Blurb

Complete novel - recently started uploading.

Sensitives live, terrified, on the edge of survival in North America: mages want sensitives, but no one ever comes back to explain why. Mage society is based around owning a sensitive, who provides more power to use, as well as doing the housework and being available for transformation. But not all mages agree with the system, and not all sensitives are willing to just give up…

Mages in North America seem to have it all - typically from well-off families, and able to manipulate their environment in ways most of the world would never believe. They don’t even have to bother with the mundane details of life like housework, thanks to their sensitives, who also make a useful source for extra magical energy. After all, sensitives have no use for it themselves, and if mages weren’t meant to make use of it, then the sensitives would obviously have some way to prevent that. That a mage can transform a sensitive physically, with no restrictions beyond overall mass and basic biological viability, whereas magic tends not to work directly on any other living thing, is only further proof. And look at the way they live on their own, barely a step above animals. It’s better for them to belong to a mage.

Sensitives in North America live on the edge of society and survival - typically so paranoid they avoid hospitals and anything else that could lead to being tracked, many of them with little or no education and no legal identity or existence. Mages exist, and mages want sensitives for some reason, but no one ever comes back to explain what that reason is. Waiting every day for the hunters to notice them doesn’t lead to much motivation or hope for the future. And once they’re captured, they’re the property of someone with a terrifying amount of power over them. Anything is better than capture.

Mages are born to be the masters, and sensitives are born victims. Or are they? What if there are mages and sensitives who are willing to fight together for something better?


Shaman Blurb

A human shaman and healer returns from several years with the mysterious shyani, accompanied by her shapeshifting puma best friend. Back in human lands, the question arises: which world does she belong in?

The friend most important to Vixen in her previous life as a male student physician has come into possession of an old shyani book, and the more fanatical shyani and weyres will stop at nothing to reclaim it and punish Jared. Even though it means going back into the lowlands and facing Jared as a woman, she can’t bear to just look the other way. This should be a short visit, just long enough to see the book into the proper hands and make sure Jared will not be killed for having it, and then she can return to the shyani community that has accepted her as their shaman. And, of course, her feline best friend Dayr insists on coming with her.

But Jared is now a Lord, with considerable wealth and power, and his response to her presence isn’t one she expected. A new perspective born of a decade with the shyani collides uncomfortably with old fantasies evolved through two decades of life among humans. As an honoured guest in a highborn house, Vixen finds herself questioning where she belongs: with Dayr and the shyani, who accept her gender without question but have to make allowances for her differences, or with other humans, in the culture she grew up in even though revelation of her past would mean a major scandal?

Trigger warning: A flashback scene includes an unsuccessful suicide attempt.


Moonblood Blurb

In a world without magic, gods and their spirit-creatures live little-seen beside the everyday reality of humans. There are both rewards and challenges for those who become the adopted children of the moons, the few who are of the bloodline of the one woman who fled from the rest… and somewhere out there are the ones she fled from.

Five moons rise over Evanir, and each moon is also a god, one of five sisters. Long ago, they worked together to create a lineage of spirit-beings that were not born but transformed by the mingling of blood. They intended them to be long-lived and to draw their strength directly from the light of the moon who chose each individual. The sisters had different goals in mind - one wanted it to be a blessing for scholars and artists, to give them more time and fewer physical distractions; another wanted each to have an animal form, to keep them more in tune with nature so they could serve as guardians of the wilderness. They hoped that having human origins would give them a perspective that spirit-creatures rarely acquire.

But what parents intend is not necessarily what their children decide to do.
Moonblood is a series of adventures, some only 3 or 4 chapters, some much longer. There are currently 9 complete, being revised for release in three volumes totalling over 200K words. They tell the story of a core group, which grows slowly over time. As always, unless gender, orientation, or other aspects of sexuality are explicitly stated, I suggest not making assumptions or trying to apply labels.

Please see the “Story Index (and credits)” chapter for brief blurbs on the individual stories.

New chapters posted Monday and Thursday.

This Corona Virus Break has inspired me to write a story about a girl who gets quarantined with her crush in his dorm room!

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Hi! Thank you for this opportunity :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Title: Back to you

Genre: Romance/new adult

Plot: Sharon is a girl who is very satisfied with her life: she is about to graduate, has a family that supports her, has a boyfriend who loves her and with whom she lives.
One day, she receives a call that will turn her “perfect” life upside down. So Sharon will have to take care of Cameron, her ex-boyfriend’s younger brother, since his brother has just awakened from a coma and his parents died in a car accident.
Sharon’s relationship with her boyfriend will be severely tested. Will their love survive or will it wilt?


I could be that girl :joy: Good idea btw :smile:

Hi there, here’s mine! The genre is scifi/fantasy/ a bit of horror yet to come :smiley:

Title: Darkest Design


Several centuries after Earth’s colonization by aliens, a young man tries to survive in an oppressive world that kills him slowly. Meanwhile, a family struggles to survive through a deadly night for all its members, when their home is attacked by machines.

Secrets are yet to be unveiled, and truth to be told.


And don’t forget the cover: Darkest Design (1)

I hope you’ll enjoy if you give it a try :smiley:
Anyways, I wish you a good day/night/insert adequate thing! :smiley:

Hi! It’s so nice that you’re helping new writers get some exposure! I don’t have any stories under 500 reads, but i might link some that have caught my eye from undiscovered writers :wink:

Title: Bellkipeg
Discovering the Self is just the first step of the journey!
It’s going to be a bad day for Alex. First he’s attacked by a wild boar before being nearly consumed by The Deluge, the embodiment of the evil plaguing the land. Worse than that, he has no idea who he is or how he ended up in the strange world of Bellkipeg; so how can he be the saviour that Onyx, his antlered guide and mentor, refers to?
Bellkipeg is a quest for identity in a world that’s trying to wake up.

Title: All the King’s Men: Awakening by @chieftaytay
Description:The eight High Spirits, rulers of the Spirit World, have always been told they were immortal. Because of this, no one expected the death of one of their own.

With the stories of their immortality being false, Elendor, a young Spirit at the peak of adulthood, must learn to cope with the death. Ruling an entire Kingdom and dealing with the pressures of a brewing war, she realizes just how difficult it will be to follow in his footsteps.
Malachi, the Spirit of Darkness, faces the full force of the High Spirits when they claim that he is the murderer. After being approached by the enemy, he ponders the idea of joining his cause and promises revenge for his fallen comrade and his family.
With the Spirit World on the brink of war, can the High Spirits put their differences aside to protect those they love and defeat the enemy?

I’ve started reading both of them, and they’re really promising! Hope they catch your eye x

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I love your blurbs!! they drew me right in!

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I love your blurb!! I can’t wait to start reading your book!!

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That sounds so interesting!!

I love your blurb!! It hooked me! I can’t wait to start reading it!

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This seems really interesting!!

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Thank you very much :smiley:

Thank you! that’s so kind of you to link other people books! :slightly_smiling_face:


Francesca Romano promised herself never to fall in love again, at least not after her boyfriend broke up with her because of another girl. She’s trying to build a routine for herself and focus on her studies, in other words, studying hard and preparing for the university sounds like the perfect distraction she needed.
When her mother tells her that a student from a student exchange program is going to stay at their home, she doesn’t expect to find Aphrodite, the goddess of love herself, at her doorstep.
Aphrodite tries to help Francesca open her heart, and no matter how stubborn Francesca is, Aphrodite is far more stubborn when it comes to love.
When Francesca says she doesn’t want to fall in love again, well, Aphrodite takes it as a challenge.'m-falling

Hope you’ll like it:)