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Has there ever been a scene you’ve written and you just can’t stop yourself from going back to that particular part and reading it again and again? It’s the part where you are so proud of yourself and you start self appreciating yourself.

How about you give others a chance too to appreciate that story part of yours?

Post your story part here [word limit 500] and let’s see how great that story part actually is.

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I’ll start.

From my book Side Effects of Kissing The Good Boy
Words : 484

I remember passing out after two shots of vodka, and here I was, lying on the ground, which only made me wonder how lazy my friends were. They left me passed out on the ground for whole three hours and now my back hurts.

Danica already went back home since her rich parents did not permit her to stay outside, unless it’s just a sleepover at Thea’s house or mine or Reya. And to scream out loud, it wasn’t a sleepover today, rather it was a celebration party for Reya’s recovery from her foot injury, which she got by falling from school staircase three weeks ago, while we were trying to sneak inside the staff room to secretly put her assignment there, since the teacher concerned refused to take it after the deadline.

Fortunately, we succeeded but Reya ended up with fractured foot. We manage to convince her parents by saying that she stepped on a plastic bag to stop it flying away in the wind and in return received a fractured foot.

From the corner of my eyes, I could see her, passed out on the couch while Thea was nowhere to be seen. For a minute, I thought to ask Reya to go inside the room, so she could have a comfortable sleep on the bed. But the fact that she was quite a good heavy sleeper, crossed my mind, stopping me from wasting my energy over someone like her. Born in India, Shreya Seth, usually go by ‘Reya’, moved here with her family when she was just 6. And ever since then, she had been struggling with her English.

She was someone who suddenly became famous on the first week of our freshman year itself, without putting any intended effort, through her remarkable hilarious mistake when she wrote ‘condom to your family’ instead of writing ‘Condolences to your family’ to the ex-teacher of our high-school over her post about how sad she was after knowing about her grandfather’s death. And the fact the intensified her embarrassment was that it was the official Students-teachers public chat room, where she actually replied to that teacher’s post.

I would have went back to sleep, just on the same spot on the ground, if only I was given a piece of silence, which was impossible when you are around Thea. The loud banging noise reaching my ears, were enough to give me a sudden urge to slap the soul out of her. Though not awake, she was still capable to scare the crap out of anyone with her amazing sleep-walking disorder.

Though my body begged me not to do, I walked in the direction of the sound of noise, only to end up inside my kitchen, where Thea was insanely banging her head on the refrigerator, still in her sleep. Poor refrigerator, it’s not like it can tear itself apart and make way for her.


The Constables of Raven presents: Birdy’s First Kiss
Words: 473

Jacksie was the first to speak, prissily pursing his lips. “Boiling eggs, huh?! Aren’t you aiming a bit too high there, Nathan?!” Wielding a bread knife, he looked at his plate and daintily cut his hotdog.

The other two let out a howl of laughter.

“I can understand that you wanted to impress my Raven baby doll with your non-existent culinary skill but…Eeeeeeek!” Jacksie let out an I-am-being-attack-by-a-turtle scream when his eyes darted towards Nathan and saw his bohe-maniac hairstyle.

“What the frak is that! Ahahaha!” He pointed at his hair. “You look like a partially plucked chicken with dreadlocks!” The whole table rambled with laughter as Jacksie fanned his face with his hands.


“Dude, it’s hideous.” Piper commented, choking on his porridge jammed with raisins and blueberries.

“It’s a freak of nature.” Jacksie mocked before taking a big chomp from his hotdog. “Even his braided hair stood on its end in agreement. Muah-hahahaha!”

“Here Nathan,” Hawky said to him, handing him his cell phone. “Check the horror for yourself!”

“Thanks.” He turned on the camera feature and when he saw his face, he almost dropped the phone.“Goddammit, Raven!” He hissed as he saw for the first time the “feathery” extension of the damage Raven did to his hair.

He had numerous colored feathers attached all throughout his head but it wasn’t the feathers that made him look ridiculous. It was the mini “fishtail plaits” that stuck out like porcupine quills that wreak havoc.

“You look like a deranged pineapple.” Jacksie observed, happily slapping butter on his toast. “It’s so you…Ow! What the hell, Nathan?!” He rubbed his shoulder and checked his shirt for any holes. “Mrs. Skye, Nathan tried to stab me with a fork! I nearly died!”

Hearing the ruckus between Jacksie and her son, Andrea marched inside the dining room, armed and ready to give him a verbal beating.

“Nathan! What is the matter with you?” She gasped and quickly covered her mouth to stop herself from laughing. “What happen to your hair? You look like… like… like…”

“A turkey’s ass, Mrs. Skye?” Jacksie said. “I say that is spot on, I agree.”

“Shut up, Jacksie!” Nathan yelled at him. “What the hell are you doing here this early in the first place?!”

“Having breakfast…” he replied, wrinkling his nose and waving his hand in front of his face.

“For God’s sake, how did you waddle yourself down here without brushing your teeth? I hope you did not smother my Raven sugar sweet with that dragon death breath of yours. You can put the halitosis twins to shame.”

Nathan cupped his right hand to his face, breathed into it, and to his relief learnt that his breath was in fact alright. “Jacksie, I’m gonna kill you!”

“Nathan, come to the kitchen and make Raven her breakfast.” Andrea called out. “Now!”


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Inheritance - The Dark Sorcerers: Book 1
Words: 474

I stood in the middle of a dark forest, on a clearing scarcely lit by the bleak moonlight. An ominous silence surrounded me, and no matter how much I strained my ears in an attempt to hear even the slightest of sounds, there was nothing. Only complete, utter silence.

Something tickled the inside of my brain. It was a peculiar feeling, but unfortunately, one I was familiar with. Someone was poking around in my mind, although I had no idea what they thought they would find. Or maybe I did. I couldn’t remember.


I suddenly recognized the presence in my head. It had been there before, yet I couldn’t recall under what circumstances that had been. Why couldn’t I remember? My mind was like a blank page: bereft of its memories, even the most fundamental ones, such as my name.

What was my name?


There it was again. I looked around frantically, but as far as I could tell, I was still alone. A sudden wave of panic overwhelmed me; my palms turned sweaty and my heart pounded so loudly I was convinced that the unknown voice could hear it from wherever they were hiding.

“Leave me alone,” I yelled, my words penetrating the oppressive silence. No one answered.

Something moved in the trees at the other side of the clearing. Unconsciously, I took a step backward, dreading the thing that was lurking in the dark only a few yards away. My eyes could only barely make out a vague, human-like shape, yet I could sense its evil very clearly. It knocked the breath out of my lungs and I stumbled further away. My back hit a tree and I yelped, startled. Although I had a strong hunch that I needed to stay away from the still approaching threat between the trees, that my life depended on it, leaving the clearing and going into the woods didn’t seem like a good idea either. So I pressed my body against the tree, secretly hoping that I could disappear into the broad trunk.

Some indistinct thought about using magic crossed my mind, but it was gone before I could really grasp it.

Where are you going, Sorceress?

The shape had stopped at the edge of the clearing, its face still hidden in the shadows. It cocked its head to the side, almost as if it was trying to figure me out. I could feel it searching my mind again and I shivered.

What are you so afraid of, Sorceress? Don’t you recognize me?

The creature took another step forward and I gasped in shock. It wore my face. The eyes were different, though, a blazing orange encircled by thin, wriggling lines of energy.

My doppelganger bared her sharp teeth into a hideous grin, blood dripping from the corners of her mouth, and I screamed.


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Background: it’s a werewolf story, in case you get confused xD
Words: 443

“No, you’re just an asshole to every female the Leyum picks out for you. You knew this was going to happen, if you didn’t want it, you should’ve found a mate yourself, but you didn’t and here we are. Maybe you should try to be nice to the next one, hm? At least give the woman a chance before you start barking and growling at her. They’re probably just as annoyed as you are with this, they don’t get to choose either, and they can’t say no, just like you can’t say no.”

“Well I don’t care, I already told the Leyum I don’t want a mate and that they shouldn’t bother finding me one. I can’t help if they don’t listen to a word I say, can I?” Getting up, Ray walked over to the counter, opened a drawer, and rummaged through it, pulling out a lighter.

“Ray, don’t.” Bryan slowly rose from his seat.

Ray’s golden eyes shimmered with the darker color of the wolf inside of him, challenging Bryan as he flicked the lighter and held the flame under the letter. When the fire started devouring the pages, he dropped it into the sink. “Aww…and now we’ll never know.” He mocked a false pout at the letter that smoldered away. He dumped the lighter back into the drawer, slammed it closed and turned to Bryan. “Not a word to the Leyum about it or I’ll twist off your balls and make you eat them.” With that, he stalked out of the kitchen.

The mansion that Ray stormed through is where he lives with three other betas and Kai, short for Nikolai, the Ghuardian. A maid shuffled off to the side as he moved determinedly through the halls that would take him to the west wing, where the offices were, and entered into the one belonging to the King Alpha. No knock was given to announce his arrival as he barged into the room.

Kai didn’t even look up, his eyes directed down to some papers in front of him on the desk. “Ray, since when did you forget to knock?” he asked, as he directed a finger back to the door.

“Kai, we need to-”

The seemingly distracted male shook his head while his finger made a movement towards the door again.

Ray growled and walked back out, annoyed, and knocked on it. Hard.

“Yes?” Nikolai called out as he looked up, “Ray, what a surprise, what can I do for you?” He leaned back in his chair. Kai was just past his mid-twenties, but his hair helds the same grey color as the wolf that lived inside him.


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