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Inheritance - The Dark Sorcerers: Book 1
Words: 474

I stood in the middle of a dark forest, on a clearing scarcely lit by the bleak moonlight. An ominous silence surrounded me, and no matter how much I strained my ears in an attempt to hear even the slightest of sounds, there was nothing. Only complete, utter silence.

Something tickled the inside of my brain. It was a peculiar feeling, but unfortunately, one I was familiar with. Someone was poking around in my mind, although I had no idea what they thought they would find. Or maybe I did. I couldn’t remember.


I suddenly recognized the presence in my head. It had been there before, yet I couldn’t recall under what circumstances that had been. Why couldn’t I remember? My mind was like a blank page: bereft of its memories, even the most fundamental ones, such as my name.

What was my name?


There it was again. I looked around frantically, but as far as I could tell, I was still alone. A sudden wave of panic overwhelmed me; my palms turned sweaty and my heart pounded so loudly I was convinced that the unknown voice could hear it from wherever they were hiding.

“Leave me alone,” I yelled, my words penetrating the oppressive silence. No one answered.

Something moved in the trees at the other side of the clearing. Unconsciously, I took a step backward, dreading the thing that was lurking in the dark only a few yards away. My eyes could only barely make out a vague, human-like shape, yet I could sense its evil very clearly. It knocked the breath out of my lungs and I stumbled further away. My back hit a tree and I yelped, startled. Although I had a strong hunch that I needed to stay away from the still approaching threat between the trees, that my life depended on it, leaving the clearing and going into the woods didn’t seem like a good idea either. So I pressed my body against the tree, secretly hoping that I could disappear into the broad trunk.

Some indistinct thought about using magic crossed my mind, but it was gone before I could really grasp it.

Where are you going, Sorceress?

The shape had stopped at the edge of the clearing, its face still hidden in the shadows. It cocked its head to the side, almost as if it was trying to figure me out. I could feel it searching my mind again and I shivered.

What are you so afraid of, Sorceress? Don’t you recognize me?

The creature took another step forward and I gasped in shock. It wore my face. The eyes were different, though, a blazing orange encircled by thin, wriggling lines of energy.

My doppelganger bared her sharp teeth into a hideous grin, blood dripping from the corners of her mouth, and I screamed.


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Haha! Lol that was hilarious

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aww thank you … Jacksie is a thorn on Nathan’s side … they are actually best friends…lol

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This story part is awesome! It actually feels like it’s your best! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Background: it’s a werewolf story, in case you get confused xD
Words: 443

“No, you’re just an asshole to every female the Leyum picks out for you. You knew this was going to happen, if you didn’t want it, you should’ve found a mate yourself, but you didn’t and here we are. Maybe you should try to be nice to the next one, hm? At least give the woman a chance before you start barking and growling at her. They’re probably just as annoyed as you are with this, they don’t get to choose either, and they can’t say no, just like you can’t say no.”

“Well I don’t care, I already told the Leyum I don’t want a mate and that they shouldn’t bother finding me one. I can’t help if they don’t listen to a word I say, can I?” Getting up, Ray walked over to the counter, opened a drawer, and rummaged through it, pulling out a lighter.

“Ray, don’t.” Bryan slowly rose from his seat.

Ray’s golden eyes shimmered with the darker color of the wolf inside of him, challenging Bryan as he flicked the lighter and held the flame under the letter. When the fire started devouring the pages, he dropped it into the sink. “Aww…and now we’ll never know.” He mocked a false pout at the letter that smoldered away. He dumped the lighter back into the drawer, slammed it closed and turned to Bryan. “Not a word to the Leyum about it or I’ll twist off your balls and make you eat them.” With that, he stalked out of the kitchen.

The mansion that Ray stormed through is where he lives with three other betas and Kai, short for Nikolai, the Ghuardian. A maid shuffled off to the side as he moved determinedly through the halls that would take him to the west wing, where the offices were, and entered into the one belonging to the King Alpha. No knock was given to announce his arrival as he barged into the room.

Kai didn’t even look up, his eyes directed down to some papers in front of him on the desk. “Ray, since when did you forget to knock?” he asked, as he directed a finger back to the door.

“Kai, we need to-”

The seemingly distracted male shook his head while his finger made a movement towards the door again.

Ray growled and walked back out, annoyed, and knocked on it. Hard.

“Yes?” Nikolai called out as he looked up, “Ray, what a surprise, what can I do for you?” He leaned back in his chair. Kai was just past his mid-twenties, but his hair helds the same grey color as the wolf that lived inside him.


Thank you!! Your compliment made my day :wink:

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It’s really simple, but I like how it flows :

" “Ah, someone cried wolf for you, again? Listen, you’re always welcomed in my home. I have animal crackers and chocolate milk. And cable, you could watch the Kardashians cry.”

“I know, thanks, Janet.”

She patted my cheek and tried to banish a mysterious stain on my shirt with her Tide to go pen until I reminded her of her former commitment.

She sprinted across the street. In heels, might I add. Such an icon.

I lazily hauled Maggie from her hideout in Janet’s garden to my room, as the poor old girl, was still asleep and will most likely return to slumber as soon as she wakes up, as expected from the hypersomniac she is."


Honestly not the best part ever, but I kinda like it. In a way.

Please Write Back
Word Count: 223
Then the guy punches me in the face, flinging my glasses off. I fall to the ground in pain, my hand over my cheek. I taste blood in my mouth.

“Don’t ever fucking tell me to stop!” he says.

“Hey!” I hear a different voice call. I see the silhouette another person in the distance. The boys turn around, looking in that direction. “What are you doing?”

“Oh, it’s the new kid,” one of them mumbles.

The person walks closer. “Leave.”

I try sitting up, but I can’t see anything. I feel around the grass for my glasses.

“Maybe we should go,” the other friend says quietly. “We’re done with him anyway.”

The students walk away, and the other person walks to the side and then hands my my glasses. I put them on, and I see that he’s holding out his hand. I take the hand, and the person pulls me up.

“Earnest! Are you okay?” he asks. It was Alex.

“Alex…” I say quietly, looking up at his face. Then I wrap my arms around him, pressing my cheek against his chest, my eyes pouring out warm tears.

Alex seems surprised at first and doesn’t hug back, but then he finally gives in. He nestles me in his arms, holding me close to him. “It’s okay, Earnest,” he says calmly. “You’re safe now.”

“Thank you,” I reply softly.


Here’s something from Understanding Teenagers I’m proud of.

Understanding Teenagers, Chapter 56: Run, Ava, Run
Words: 525

Soon enough, I found myself standing at the track field. What if I could actually run? What if? That was the question. My heart wanted to run. That’s all it wanted to do. Run! What did I have to lose at that point? The sun was moments away from being gone. My body kneeled on the ground as if I were about to race. My mind envisioned itself at a race.

“Three, two, one, go!” The gun was shot.

My left leg was out high. Once it was down, it hit the ground hard with dirt beginning to muster up. Right foot out and boom. Closing my eyes, I let my legs do the work. Yes, my legs were in pain, but I didn’t care. This had to be done. My arms were working harder than ever. Right arm out. left arm in. Left arm out, right arm in.

“Left foot!” I screamed! “Right foot!”

Speed was gaining. With each foot hitting the ground, my feet would find itself covered up in dirt all the more. The pain was building, but I kept going. Within good time, I made it an entire lap. Three more laps and it would be a mile. I had to run this mile. Well into the second lap, my right shoe tore up. Now I understood why runners wore tennis shoes. With all my effort, I let my shoes fall off. Don’t ask how I was able to do that, because I don’t know. With barefoot feet, I was running. My stomach was in great pain. My sides were killing me and I loved it for some weird reason. Keeping my eyes closed, my mind went back to another memory.

“Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, oh, I’m radioactive, radioactive.”

“Hands down, one of the best concerts I lived through” shouted Daniel.

“Oh my gosh, yes!” agreed Sara.

“It was fun, but to be honest, Panic at the Disco throws some pretty awesome concerts.”

“The bridesmaid is a whore!” I shouted while smiling running faster. “Haven’t you people ever heard of closing the damn door!”

My mind was back at it again with another memory.

“Can’t you see that I’m the one who understands you. Been here all along so why can’t you see you belong with me.”

How’d that feel?"

“It felt amazing. Honestly, I felt free.”

“That’s what singing does. It frees the soul.”

An exciting rush was building in my body. I was literally running faster than I ever thought I could. A beaming grin controlled me. I was a lap away from running a mile and all I wanted to do was sing.

“Oh, give me the beat boys, and free my soul, I want to get lost in your rock and roll and drift away.”

Before I knew it, I had run an entire mile. My body stopped to catch a breath. Yes, I wanted to puke, but I didn’t. Once able to catch my breath, I found myself grinning again. Only this time the grin included laughter. “Crap, I did it!” my voice shouted. Another laugh ensued. “Take that all you whores!”


Oh definitely. The climax of one of my stories is the best thing I think I’ve ever written. Here’s a little blurb of it :blush:

Something in the grass, just a few meters away from the base of the tree. It was sparkling; definitely something left behind by a human. “Seth?” She managed out, breathlessly. Before he’d even hit the ground, she was starting for it, not wanting to lose sight of where it was.

He didn’t say anything, but she could tell he was following based on his shy footsteps.

Squinting as she drew closer, as their bodies cast shadows over the landscape, Willow tried to fixate her focus. Finally spotting it, her heart violently crashed into her stomach.

It was a purse, all beige fabric. The headlights were catching the glint of a button on the front — a bunny wearing sunglasses. Willow watched to touch it, to bring it closer, but hesitated, her arm half-extended and wavering.

Seth made a faint heaving sound, choking on his breath. “That’s Charlotte’s,”


Story soon to be published in April:

I take a deep breath and finally look at him dead in the eye.

“Yes, I do stalk you.”

He is noticeably taken back, confusion can be read in this expression. I made my decision. No more hiding. Here is no point in doing that anymore.

“Surprised your majesty?” I say with a mocking tone, now me being to one on control. He doesn’t say a word. Wow, I left Payton Parker speechless. Someone please give me an award. I have never seen him like this before and I can say it is quite the sight.

Payton finally comes back to reality. He huffs and runs his hand through his hair. “Well I wasn’t expecting you to admit it to be honest.”

“I know.” I grin. My confidence is rising. I feel more like myself now.

I can do this. Maybe, it wasn’t that bad after all.

“Can I know why?” He asks me. And I can’t help but roll my eyes.

“How is that a question? Because I like you and frankly, I’m obsessed with you. I have been since I came to this school.” I say honestly.

He starts to get a hold of the situation. This little smirk starts to appear again as his usual attitude is slowly coming back.

“Since when did you become so straight forward?” He quirks an eyebrow, his voice having an amused sound.

“What do you mean? I have always been this way.” He laughs a bit, yes actually laughs at my statement but, doesn’t argue back.

“I had a different opinion about you.”

“And what was that?” I ask raising an eyebrow.

“A shy, nerdy girl with some loose screws.” He says without giving it a second thought.

“Well at least you got the crazy part right.” I say.

“It seems that you are more interesting than I thought.” He tilts his head, amused by every word I say.

“Oh please! I’m probably the most interesting girl you have talked to in years.” At this point I can tell that I stay around Izzy for way to long.

He laughs again, making my heart skip a beat. I’m actually having a conversation with him. Well kind of, but still at least I am not a ball of awkwardness anymore.

“So, what does this interesting girl want from me?”

“Can’t you figure it out for yourself. Aren’t you one of the best students at our school.” A grin appears in his face. I cut him off, already knowing what he is going to say.

“Before you say it, no I will not sleep with you like those girls you take to your room for one night and never see again. I want to still have dignity.” At least the part that I have left after this lovely encounter.

“You really know a lot.” The raises his eyebrows in surprise, probably not expecting me to know that he was planning to say.

“Don’t underestimate my hard work.” I smirk and get back to my main point. “But what I want from you is very simple.” I take a step forward looking up at him with a smile. Now it is the time and there is no more turning back after this. This will probably be the biggest mistake of my life, but at this point there is no more turning back.

“I want you to fall in love with me.”