Posting in more than one place

I am new to wattpad and I have been looking around a bit, and I was wondering if I can post a story… more of an essay, really that I have already written and published in my blog?


Yes, you can. :slight_smile: My stories are posted both on DeviantArt, and my personal website Elysian Mark. I think it,s once you enter the Paid Stories program that your stories become exclusive to Wattpad.

@riversmelodie Wow, you don’t waste any time replying. Thanks!

That’s actually rare I can reply that fast. :smiley: In fact, I have to logout very soon. :smiley:

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You definitely can post your stuff in more than just one place. I do the same, although I have to say that I now spend most of my time here on Wattpad, because it has the best writing community.

@floranocturna Good to know. An active community is a good thing. There are times, with a blog, all you hear are crickets.