Posting My First Book: Where Do I Start?

Hey all!

I’ve been a reader here on Wattpad for a long time but have been working on writing a book of my own and just joined the forums here. (Hello!)

I wanted to get a fair chunk written before I got to a place where I felt comfortable beginning to post. I’m up to about 30 chapters now (around 1500 - 2000 words each) and it seems like a good time to possibly start posting chapters.

How do I know when I’m in a good place to start posting?

Where do I start? Do I post several chapters at first? Do I post the cover and blurb before other things?

What is the ideal posting frequency? Weekly? More?

And what should I expect when I first post? Does anyone read at first?

Welcome to the writing side of Wattpad!

Many will start posting right away, quickly feeling overwhelmed. You have a great amount of chapters saved up already, so I think you’re in a good place to start posting.

Post on a schedule, twice a week since you have thirty chapters completed already. Friday is the best day of the week to update, as I recall. Post your schedule at the bottom of your blurb.

For a while, expect crickets. That’s the only way anything will exceed your expectations. Just dance like no one’s watching and keep enjoying the story you tell, whether anyone is paying attention or not.

It takes some time for the first book to get noticed, so please don’t feel like you’ve failed when you’ve been posting for a month and have only gained one reader. That’s typical. We are all used to most of our reads belonging to ourselves for the first year.

Once the book is complete and edited, you can work towards promoting it, as well as promoting yourself. You’ll find that with a little effort, the reader will find you.


When you feel comfortable with people reading your work. Some people post immediately after finishing their first chapter, some do multiple drafts off-site before posting, and everything in between.

If I were you, I’d post the first two chapters at the same time as I post the blurb/cover. After that, I’d stick with a regular schedule.

Twice a week seems to be the magic number around here.

Honestly? There’s no way to know. Like @/oliviarose85 said, expect crickets. Getting discovered is hard. It takes time. Don’t get discouraged and remember that reads aren’t everything. It’s hard, but you’ll be so much happier if you remember that the important thing is not popularity but fun.

Good luck!


It was like jumping off a cliff when I posted my first few chapters - but knowing they were out there kicked my butt into overdrive: I obsessed over the published chapters and it was a rush editing them to make them the best they could be. That process is still ongoing. I don’t do social media or anything and I just about threw up the first time I caught an error, the first time I got a snarky comment - but the experience is overwhelmingly positive!

Following you now, looking forward to reading when you make the leap in your own time!

(wanted to paste Kermit the Frog freaking out here, not advanced enough to make it happen but - you know - applause!)


Thanks so much for your thoughtful response! I really appreciate the answers and advice, this is super helpful!

Great info! Thank you so much for your help!

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Thank you so much for the support and advice! I really appreciate it!

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For @CitizenSamurai, a Kermit.

I agree, I think you should start posting! I second posting a chapter or two at the same time as your summary etc. I do twice a week and I have basically 3 people who have read my story and I’m pretty sure one of them in my husband so I’m maybe not the best advice giver. Still, I think you will be great!


I’m amazed at how many people have husbands who actually read their book.


Why? Is that weird or something?

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No, it’s just confirms that it’s weird that mine has zero interest.


Oh hi, me too. New to writing on Wattpad although been reading for a while. Did you start posting yet?


Hii, welcome! I personally have never felt truly ready to post. But I think when you have a vision and a willingness to share, it’s enough to start posting. Even if you revise along the way. You can improve while also putting your work out there, getting reads and feed back that can help you get better. 1,500-2,000 words is perfect length. Go for it!

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JUST POSTED! :grimacing: It’s incredibly nerve-wracking! Good luck to you on your writing!


You posted this weeks ago, but I want to say that my husband never so much as looked at my stories in thirty years of marriage. Then we divorced.

And now as my ex-husband he’s my most reliable critique/beta reader :rofl:


I love when marriages end and the friendship can start again. I don’t love when they end, but if they’re going to end, they should end like that.

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Thanks for all of the information :slight_smile: I am new this week(ish) too and just posted my first few chapters. I’m excited for feedback but also nervous! It is nail biting! I wish you the best of luck, it sounds like you have a great start!

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Well, you surely did crack me up…

Hi, I just started writing mine aswell. Its a memoir of my real life. I wish somebody would proof read it and let me know :smile:

Hello and welcome to Wattpad and the forums. :smile_cat: If you are searching for a Beta reader for your completed story, you can do so here: #story-services:beta-readers-needed. Other than that you can see if someone is offering critiquing services here: #story-services:critiques-and-feedback.
Good luck with your writing! :floranocturna: