Posting on the old clubs feels so weird now


I feel like I’ve quickly grown accustomed to being spoiled here with the modernization of practically everything


Seriously. Even though there aren’t a lot of people beta testing here, I find myself here more than I’m at the old clubs :laughing:

Of course I’m spoiled by my own emoji :prisim: It’s totally the crazy bunny that keeps me coming back. :prisim::prisim::prisim::prisim::prisim::prisim::prisim::prisim::makaylasophia::lumi:


I know, right?! It’s so strange. You go from there to here and back there and you’re all “this is odd”


r.i.p. the old clubs :ded:


I think that is what’s going to happen. It looks like it.


Oooh, more complaints.


Wish they’d post the complaints over here so @uncleL can see them easier.


I’m actually working on a reply to some of them, lol. A lot of the complaints have already been addressed or are actually incorrect.


I know!! Tell them to come yell at me I want to hear it! :slight_smile:


No, let’s not have anyone yell at you


@Prisim They probably hate this so much that they don’t want to. :rofl:

I mean, I admit, this site has some work that needs to be done.

But ignoring all the good things it has just because of the bad is wrong.

@Makaylasophia #makaylathedefender :makaylasophia:


I’ve only seen that one episode of Dr. Who, so that’s how I know the quote.


There was also this feedback thread, too.'s+a+New+Clubs+in+Town...And+It+Needs+Your+Help!


It took some getting used to, I do admit initially the cosmetics did put me off (and y’all know my feelings on the infinite scroll) but the more I actually try to use it, the more I really like it. Sure it needs tweaks but that’s what @uncleL is working on. Can’t make those tweaks if she doesn’t know about them. So it does kinda bug me when people are simply “It sucks” and not really detailed about why it sucks. Even the lack of coding could be worked with by simply using strictly images. Because it’s entirely possible some of the coding is the reason for errors over on Wattpad, that too much is allowed on the clubs and thus break everything.


I’m pretty sure I once saw a dev state that the old forums were a direct cause of some of the backend issues.


I think @uncleL said as much in the thread about why the old clubs need to be replaced instead of just modified.



yeah there’s all sorts of bummer things that happen


Tada! Coding in a very low-tech way. :rofl:


That’s what I thought.

I just find it amusing when people complain about the glitches, but when something is being done about it, they complain about a resolution being in the works. I just… don’t get it.